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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

September 5-- Collins is the #2

Todd Collins was named the #2 QB for the Redskins today..

LB Marcus Washington says he is expecting to play Sunday against Miami.. Washington will be fitted for a special brace, he says he is not sure how much of the rush end responsbilities he'll be asked to perform having missed a lot of practice with a dislocated elbow..

The injury report is different league wide this year.. Teams do not have to designate out/doubtful/questionable/probable until Friday.. So today the Redskins said everyone took part in practice, the only player "limited" was LB Khary Campbell (hamstring). Clinton Portis (knee), Chris Samuels (knee), Marcus Washington (elbow), Jason Campbell (knee) all fully participated..

Dolphins coach Cam Cameron said he went to Carlisle as a young coach at Michigan to watch Joe Gibbs work in Gibbs's first go around as head coach of the Redskins. Gibbs said he doesn't remeber meeting Cameron but is impressed with him and the coaching staff he has assembled..

Jason Campbell says he spoke to Ronnie Brown who he ripped the other day saying he "ate too many cheesburgers," when he was at Auburn. Campbell says he spoke to Brown last night, (The two are good friends) and talked about the game.. Campbell says Brown then asked for some tickets to which Campbell responded, "those are going to be some expensive cheeseburgers."

OK men..


Blogger A.E. said...

That's fair. Mark's arm looks like its about to fall off, 9 our or 10 times.

So, when does Larry get moved to the 3rd string?

5:58 AM  
Blogger Marcus said...

I think having collins as backup to Campbell is great, it's not like the skins had a lot to choose from. I mean you had Mark and the Palmer guy. HUMMMMMM????? you take the pick. As you stated Burnell's arm is like pea shooter, and Palmer.....well he needs to be bagging food at Harris Teeter.

10:32 AM  

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