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Monday, September 10, 2007

September 10-- Springs benching remains a mystery

There was a strange back and forth during the Joe Gibbs press conference between the coach and the assembled media as we tried to decifer why Shawn Springs was the nickel corner yesterday.. Gibbs alluded to Springs not being at 100% but the CB was not listed on the injury report.. So when asked directly what was worng with Springs, Gibbs said "we weren't sure he was 100%," then seemed to attempt to avoid giving any specifics at all..
Gibbs said he thinks Springs would start at some point in the season and echoed Gregg Williams mantra that the team has 3 starting CB's and they rotate..
Springs did a media session and kept repeating, "The team will play the best players they think will help them win." Asked if he was upset about being moved to the #3 CB, Springs said nonchalantly, "I know what my salary is so I'm not trippin'."
Something is stirring the kool aid on this one..

Jon Jansen described his fractured fibula and dislcoated ankle in graphic detail as he joined us for a conference call.. Jansen will undergo surgery later this week and will likely be out 3-4 months.. The team has not officially placed him on injured resreve although that is a likely scenario for the tackle.. Joe Gibbs said he believes the injury will be something that is not career threatening..
Jansen said he heard bones and tendons pop when one of the Dolphins ended up underneath him.. Jansen said blowing out his achilles tendon 4 years ago was nothing compared to pain of this one saying he looked down and saw his ankle pointing the wrong direction.. Gross..

As for who takes over at RT this week, Todd Wade said he expects to be named the starter because the coaches told him, "to be ready." Gibbs said that Wade should understand "he has a big role with the team," and made no definitve choice on who the starter will be meaning Stephon Heyer has a legit shot to be the starter in Philadelphia..
Wade disclosed he has a torn labrum, will have to wear a shoulder harness for the season but said the injury can't get worse and that he just has to deal with pain maintenance.. Wade said "you won't be able to tell I'm injured."

Gibbs is turning the play where the Redskins were called for a penalty for "an abrupt movement simulating the starty of a snap" to the league.. The team said they went over the play with the refs in pre-game and ran the same play during the pre-season so he was surprised by the decision to penalize the Skins.. He said he wants the league to offer clarification.. TE Todd Yoder joined us on Redskins Radio and said what he did was not illegal.. Yoder abruptly moved from the line of scrimmage, but indeed he is an eligible player and is allowed to move.. Gamesmanship certainly was in question here..

Injury update: DE Phillp Daniels (sprained foot) was in a walking boot today but he says he will be able to play Monday night against Philadelphia.. S Pierson Prioleau (hamstirng) is "feeling better." There was no update on S Vernon Fox (groin)..

I spoke with DT Anthony Montgomery who got the start against Miami ahead of Kedric Golston.. Montgomery said he expected to start after spending much of practice with the first teamers the week leading up to it.. Asked if he took the criticism of the defensive line personally, he said "Yes, but last year I didn't prove myself in practice and didn't earn an opportunity."

Antwaan randle El and Santana Moss both expressed support for Brandon Lloyd who had no receptions against the Dolphins.. Both said Lloyd would have his day and that eventually the chances will come his way.. ARE didn't say he answered any critics with his first 100 yard game as a Skin but was just happy to be able to contribute..

OK men..


Blogger G-man said...


Do we have another "Lavar-gate" brewing w/ Springs? Is this more about GW's management style or Gibbs?

I know GW is not a believe in prima donna behavior, but Gibbs certainly allows CP some leeway. Why not for Springs except that he is getting older and probably only around for 1 more year?

8:40 AM  
Blogger Geoff said...

What I took from reading between the lines of Gibbs comments was that Springs may have been dogging it a little in practice this week, and this was their way of telling him he needs to step it up.

9:31 AM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

possible.. something doesn't feel right about this, but I'll give Gibbs the benefit of the doubt and see how it plays out in Philly

5:26 AM  

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