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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

August 2-- Stealing plays led to Moss breakout

The Redskins performed a physical on former Raiders pro bowl tackle Lincoln Kennedy who is touring teams trying to gauge interest in a return to the field.. Kennedy is believed to have undergone gastric bypass surgery to lose weight.. Joe Gibbs said there “are medical issues there” and thus the team is not currently interested in singing Kennedy.. he did not work out for the team.. Gibbs went so far as to say that he didn’t think Kennedy would even come for a visit after initial conversations.. Kennedy is believed to have failed a physical in Dallas..

DT Joe Salave’a returned from Samoa following the death of his mother and was at the lone practice.. He only participated in a few drills and was not in full pads.. Gibbs said Salave’a could take his time coming back from the traumatic event.. Salave’a just had a baby last week, so he said he has mixed emotions about everything.. he said he needs to catch up on some conditioning before committing to a full practice and thanked the “second family” he has for their support..

WR David Patten remains hospitalized with viral meningitis, Gibbs said he spoke to him today and he said he is feeling much better and he hopes to have him back on the field by next week.. Patten will remain in the hospital tonight..

LB Spencer Havner was back on the field after being poked in the eye the day before.. TE Calen Powell remains sidelined with a strained quad…

When asked how the offense is different for him this year, Santana Moss surprisingly said that a number of the plays that gained big yards a year ago were things that throughout the season the team copy catted from others, and because these plays are incorporated in Al Saunders offense, he feels like it’s going to be another big year.. Moss said that throughout last season, they would watch other teams who had a player of similar size and ability and ran those plays that seemed to work against certain opponents… Moss didn’t go so far as to say the team was making stuff up on the run, just incorporating things they saw work around the league.. When asked about this, Mark Brunnell started to say it’s not uncommon for a lot of teams to steal others plays, but that he’d prefer to allow Joe Gibbs to address this..
Brunnell went on to say that the offense they are working on is very different form the one they ran a year ago.. He said the playbook’s enormity is keeping him up at night and he is crediting Todd Collins for helping him learn more by the day..

Brunnell addressed his “bragadocious” statements by saying he doesn’t need to clarify them, but wanted to emphasize that the team is “very confident” and being a starting quarterback, he feels like it is prudent to have lofty goals.. He emphasized he did not make any predictions, only that he feels like this team has a good shot at big things should everything fall right..

Practice was at a much more torrid pace then the first two days.. Brunne;; said the conditions were “shocking” at first.. The night practice allowed the elements to be much cooler, and the lights brought something out.. Highlights included a a highlight reel throw and catch during 11 on 11 from Mark Brunnell to Brandon Lloyd, who by the way rarely drops anything.. Clinton Portis got huge applause from the crowd after he completed a would be touchdown pass to receiver Richard Smith off a half back option.. Portis went streaking down the field after the completion.. Marcus Washington made a nice cover play on Chris Cooley hopping up and down after forcing an incompletion on a seam route down the middle of the field..
Jason Campbell had one particularly tough series throwing 3 bad incompletions and an interception on 4 consecutive plays during hurry offense drills..
Joe Gibbs again said the offense has a lot of work to do, the players including Moss and Brunnell agreed.. This however was a much more crisp effort then the first three practices, but that’s just my opinion’s ..

Last thought for the night, with all the attention on the offense, don’t be shocked if it’s the Defense that carries this team.. Typically the D looks good early in camp, but the more you watch the set-up, the more you are impressed by the speed of their back 7 and new found versatility of the front four thanks to Andre Carter.. Gregg Williams’ group is under the radar right now, probably the way he likes it, but not likely for long..

Two practices tomorrow, 8:30AM and 7PM, neither are open to the public..


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