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Thursday, July 20, 2006

July 20-- Rabach Talks about ATV accident

C Casey Rabach told us about the accident that caused a deep gash in his leg and forced him to miss much of the OTA's and last mini-camp.. he says he was doing some yard work when he slipped and an ATV rolled over his leg.. He said he didn't know he had hurt himself until he stood up.. There never was an infection but the gash was deep and needed stitches.. He is still wearing a wrap on his leg but says he believes he will be ready for the start of training camp...

QB Jason Campbell admits he doesn't know who the second string QB on the team is as they enter into training camp.. Campbell was working on the field this morning and he says "I expect myself to produce." He says he went through a phase of impatience but is excited about the opportunities in front of him.. he said he spoke with Steve McNair during the offseason and McNair told him to be patient.. he didn't play his first two seasons in the league..
Campbell said the offense is not much different from the one the team ran last year except to expect a more spread out scheme and a an emphasis on the QB getting the ball out quicker... Campbell by all accounts has been on the field during numerous so called off days preparing for the season..
Players do not have to report to Redskins Park utnil the 30th, still well over a dozen were there, working out etc..


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