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Sunday, July 30, 2006

July 30-- Gibbs Speaks as Camp Opens

Joe Gibbs held his introductory press conference as training camp 2006 opens on Monday.. The team has workouts/meetings in the morning and their first full practice at 4PM, this practice is open to the public..

All players had to report by 6PM on Sunday and it was expected that the entire team came..

Second round pick Rocky McIntosh has signed a rookie contract, he will be on the field when camp opens.. Terms of his deal were not disclosed.. All of the Skins draft picks are signed...
As for McIntosh's knee, he had a meniscus trimmed in his knee, it has been described as being in great shape, when he comes, he will be cleared to begin full go in practice...

Other injury updates: C Casey Rabach, the team was extremely worried about the gash he suffered in his leg due to an offseason ATV accident.. The team added two stitches recently to help it heal faster and he is expected to be able to take part in all drills.. T Jon Jansen will wear protective devices on his hands to help ensure no re-injury to either of his broken thumbs.. Jansen needed offseason surgery to repair them.. A thumb specialist has told the team he would be able to play with his fingers free but the team is going to take a cautious approach during the early part of the pre-season.. QB Mark Brunnell's broken finger is healed, he is ready to go.. DE Renaldo Wynn will wear a protective cast on the arm he broke last year but will be able to participate in all drills.. G Randy Thomas was a frequent visitor to the Park during the off-seaosn, his leg is healed and he is expected to practice..
Gibbs said he expects the entire team to be able to practice when camp opens...

On S Sean Taylor: Gibbs described his legal situation as "resolved and now we are just waiting to hear something from the league." Gibbs said he is not going to call the league himself to find out if a suspension is coming for his plea to misdemeanors relating to the incident last summer over a stolen ATV in Miami..

Jason Campbell will not start any pre-season games.. Mark Brunnell is the starter, but Gibbs admitted Campbell will play the lions share of the snaps.. If all goes to plan, Brunnell and the offense will have good enbough showings to allow Campbell to play the bulk of the pre-season games...

Gibbs touched on the subject of hiring Al Saunders, admitting the experience of not calling plays will be different for him, but he did this because he felt it was in the best interest of the team.. Gibbs's humility became yet another mantra as he stated that he believes that all coaches must always remain on a learning curve, that the day you start believing you know everything is the day you are in trouble..
He also credited Dan Snyder again for paying Saunders and allowing him to bring Saunders in.. Gibbs admitted initially he didn't think about hiring an offensive coordinator but convinced by it through discussions with numerous coaches including former Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil..

The Redskins say they have overhauled their training room in the hopes of not allowing any more infections to attack open wounds.. The team is using a specilized carpet and went through a vigorous sanitation process.. They had two incidents of staph infections a year ago most notably with DT Brandon Noble.. Many teams around the league have had issues in recent years with staph..

Gibbs also admits that the competition is going to be limited at camp, he says he knows that many of the players are going to realize that their jobs aren't on the line this summer, but he hopes that they have the wherewithall in their heart to work hard anyway..


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