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Friday, July 28, 2006

July 28th-- Vinny Responds to LaVar

Skins VP of Football Operations Vinny Cerrato joined Redskins Lunch today: Second round pick Rocky McIntosh is not expected to have a deal done today, it is likely it will happen Sunday morning, the day the players are to report for Skins training camp.. Cerrato says now that players around him are being signed, the deal should not be a difficult one to consummate.. Cerrato also pointed out that the agent for McIntosh currently has two unsigned first rounders, and thus McIntosh’s deal will likely wait through the weekend..

Cerrato also responded to the quotes by LaVar Arrington in the Washington Times.. Arrington said the organization is only interested in creating buzz, making more money, not caring about winning and losing.. He also sharply criticized Skins owner Dan Snyder saying Snyder is going to “have to come up with some kind of something about me in order to legitimize the dumb stuff they do.”
Cerrato said “That’s LaVar being LaVar.” He pointed to the team bringing in Joe Gibbs and making the playoffs a season ago as a sign of their intentions…

Asked about the dealings with Reggie Bush in NO, Cerrato admitted the agents for Lavar Arrington had asked for more money when he was drafted then top pick and former Penn State teammate Courtney Brown because, “he thought he was better then Brown.”

Cerrato believes the suspension of Arrington’s agent Carl Poston validates the Redskins position that the alleged missing 6.5 million dollar bonus that began a two year contract flap between the Redskins and Arrington was “never there.” Poston was suspended partially for negligence in regard to this contract negotiation back in December 2003.. The Redskins have contended all along that this bonus LaVar said went missing never was in the contract in the first place.. The team renegotiated Arrington’s deal and added bonus money that he ultimately never received due to the timing of his release this offseason..

Camp opens on Monday, the team reports Sunday..

Check out the re-designed for more articles on the Skins and other things that interest me.. I'll have a training camp preview up by the weekend..


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