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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

August 1-- "Try Wiping Your Ass"

The lone practice on Wednesday has been moved to 7PM due to gthe heat.. The public can still attend but they will not be let in the door at 4PM as previously scheduled..

The team held it's first two-a-day session.. WR David Patten remains in Virginia Hospital Center, he has viral meningitis,.... He will remain there until Thursday when the team hopes he will be released.. The training staff believes it will be a few days after that before he will be back on the field.. The team currently does not think there is a major long term risk..

LB Spencer Havner got poked in the eye and was suffering from blurred vision.. he was taken to see an opthamologist..
TE Calen Powell has a strained quad, he was held out of the afternoon practice and is listed as day to day..

RB Clinton Portis was kicked in the right ankle twice over the last two days, he is practicing with it wrapped and says it is not as big deal..

DT Joe Salave'a was absent from camp again due to the death of his mother..

WR Antawn Randle-El was back at practice after being limited Monday with a back strain.. FB Mike Sellars particpated in both practices after getting carted off Monday for dehydration..

Joe Gibbs wanted to squash the perception that Mark Brunnell among others was "predicting" a Super Bowl.. Gibbs said Brunnell and company are confident but "no one in the organization is making any predictions."
Gibbs also praised the play of Jason Campbell thus far saying the hard work he put in during the off-season is showing on film.. This a day after he said Campbell and Todd Collins are competing for the back-up job..

RB Clinton Portis said the costume show he performed a year ago might be repeated.. he said a number of people enjoyed it and he still receives mail about it.. Portis and his characters are going to be featured during an NFL Network campaign for a new show..
Portis said personal numbers are not on his mind right now, he says the only goals he has are to win the division, NFC and then a Super Bowl.. He also lauded Al Saunders who he says could and should put him into a position to have a big season naming off the backs who had big numbers under Al Saunders (Marshall Faulk, Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson) Portis also said the offense will be much better, less confusing for the offensive line and of course offer him the type of space he has craved hoping he'll find himself in more 1 on 1 situations and less bodies in the box..

T Jon Jansen told me that he would do nothing differently in regard to playing with two broken thumbs a year ago.. He says he wanted to prove that he was tough and that he would have expected others on his team to do the same.,. He also told me that things have been very difficult for him in regard to everyday life due to his hands.. When I asked him how he was able to eat, he said "Eat, try wiping your ass."
Jansen said the hype for this team is so much more deserved then in the past due to the consistency this team finally has.. "We lied for five years about the importance of chemistry."

Gregg Williams disclosed that the weak side LB position is a competition mainly between rookie Rocky McIntosh and veteran Warrick Holdman.. He also said that Khary Campbell is "in the mix." LB Chris Clemons is working more behind Marcus Washington at strong side.. Williams lauded McIntosh as "the best LB in terms of getting off blocks and at the point of attack." Like all rookies, Williams said things need to slow down for him.. Williams did also say that the position of weak side LB is one that can and will be played by numerous position players, safety, DE, LB's..
LB Lemar Marshall said he is excited about finally being in a position to come into camp without having to worry about what position he'll play.. Williams also promised changing roles for both Lemar Marshall and Marcus Washington, not in psoition but roles in new packages..

Williams said "I pulled a hamstring": when I heard we hired Al Saunders calling him "the best coordinator in the league."
On D-backs coach Jerry Gray, Williams was ecstatic to get him back under the fold.. Gray played for Williams and was a coordinator in Buffalo after Gregg left for Washington.. Joe Gibbs confirmed that Gray was courted by Washington when he initially came back, but Gray was offered the Bills D coordinator job.. Gibbs went so far as to say in years to come, Gray is in line to be the coach at Texas... Williams called Gray the best secondary coach in the NFL..

Couple of practice notes: Gregg Williams laying into Robert McCune, "one minute you're making the play, the next minute you're f'ing it up."
McIntosh, right on cue from the praise from Williams had a near interception when he jumped a passing lane, a play after busting through a block during 11 on 11 drills for what would have been a certain sack..
Renaldo Wynn began 11 on 11 drills as a DT in place of the absent Salave'a..
Lemar Marshall putting a hit on WR Mike Espy after he caught a tipped pass on the sideline, the hitting is limited now as coaches are trying to ensure health early in camp..


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