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Monday, July 24, 2006

April 24th-- Saunders Speaks, Injury updates

T Jon Jansen is scheduled to see a thumb specializt this week.. Team officials are expecting him to be cleared to resume full contact practice... Jansen had post season surgery to repair one of the two borken thumbs he suffered last fall..

G Randy Thomas has been described as "doing great." He has been at the Park practically every day minus a week off for vacation.. The belief is he'll be prepared to practice when camp starts Monday..

DE Renaldo Wynn will wear a protective cast on the arm he broke last winter.. He did participate in OTA practices and is cleared for the practice when it starts next Monday..

The team is expected to release former Maryland WR Derrek Fenner is the next day or two.. ** Do not air until Tuesday at the earliest**

Listening in on a Larry Michael interview with new Offensive coordinator Al Saunders, when asked about the progression of Jason Campbell, Saunders said that Campbell has great physical potential, but like many others there is an emotional and pressuirzed mental aspect of the game that remains in question.. It was the first mention of apprehension about just tossing Campbell into the fray if need be.. Right now, all he is doing is competing for a back-up job.. The tone was not to suggest that Campbell isn't ready, just a minor dose of reality, the fact is he hasn't played yet.. Campbell can expect significant playing time throughout the pre-season.. has been re-designed and has more articles and info on Bram, the Skins, etc.. Check it out!


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