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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

July 19th-- First show from Redskins Park with News

Vinny Cerrato joined us on the Redskins lunch show..

He says the team is in no rush to sign second round pick Roccky McIntosh allowing others around him to sign first so that he ultimately is slotted. Teams often wait until the final days appraoching camp before inking 1st and second round picks..

Cerrato says the team was never interested in trading David Patten although there were rumors in the offseason about Patten wanting to go somewhere where he would definitely want to start..
Mark Brunnell said Patten has been exemplary during the offseason in his attitude. Cerrato said all Patten wanted to be certain of was that the "best" players would start.. Joe Gibbs told him yes, and so Patten is renergized by it..

This is not news but considering Vinny drafted T.O. in San Francisco, we asked if he ever gave thought to the Skins brining him in and Cerrato cited the character issue as the reason why Washington has no interest in the Cowboys receiver...

Randy Thomas was on the show as well. He says he isn't sure how his recovered broken leg will react when the team starts training camp in a week and a half.. He believes he will be ready for practice, it may be limited inititally to ensure the right guard's health..

Mark Brunnell told us the other day the finger he broke during OTA's is almost fully healthy, he expects to be ready for the start of training camp...

John Hall was seen on the practice field working on field goals..

There are limited players there, the team is due to arrive at the Park on July 30 with camp beginning on the 31st..


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