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Monday, July 17, 2006

July 17th 2006-- Triple X ESPN Radio set to debut

So I dissappeared for about 6 weeks after resigning from Sportstalk 980. Red Zebra hits the airwaves tomorrow at 4PM with the debut of the John Riggins show on Triple X ESPN Radio.. And I'll be a big part of it..
I will be covering the Redskins for the 7th straight season, I also will be co-hosting with Larry Michael weekdays from 12-1PM on Lunch with the Redskins, live from Redskin Park.
The access I will have with the team will be far more then I ever experienced in covering the Skins for 980. And thus, I am really looking forward to getting back in the locker room for what should be an interesting season to say the least. Among my new job roles, I will be the game day sideline reporter for the station as well as co-host of the pre-game show. Yes, I will continue to say my name in a rediculous manner when I sign off my daily reports (much to the dismay of some. Sorry folks it's too late to change it, I clowned myself, and now I have to live with it)

As for Triple X ESPN radio, the air name for Red Zebra Broadcasting: The name is derived from the call letters of the three stations which plan on tri-mulcasting the initial programming. Each of the three stations acquired by Red Zebra will have an X in it, thus Triple X.
ESPN radio will be the bulk of the programming. The John Riggins show will air from 4-7PM daily. Despite reports to the contrary, I am not a co-host on this show, but I will be a frequent contributer.
We will have more local programming to follow which I intend to be a critical part of..

As for where you will be able to hear us. 730AM covers much of the Washington DC region, Their signal is strong in the daytime, it may lag a little at night. Those familiar with 980's signal issues at night will understand. AM frequencies power down in the evening making it sometimes hard to hear.
92.7 FM has great coverage in Maryland and in DC. 94.3 FM appears to be the best station for those who live in the VA suburbs and west, thus you'll hear us saying a lot, "94.3 to the west, 92.7 to the east and 730 all over DC." Honestly the signal will be an issue, but it was for 980 and for WJFK as well. In short time, people will be accustomed to where they can best hear us. We will stream our programming through our wesbites as well making work listening easy.

Today, I sat in on Larry's TV webcast, in the hour we had, Chris Cooley and Mark Brunnell joined us.Imagine the possibilities when the team is actually in training camp!

So here we go.. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. A lot of conjecture was bandied about during my hiatus. I'd like to personally thank all those who were concerned with my whereabouts and can only promise to do the best I can covering this team for my new home.

This will be the last post on the blog about me, it's back to the matter at hand, covering the Redskins.
Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to read my blog and listen to Triple X ESPN radio. 92.7, 94.3 and 730AM..

Also, check out the all new which will be debuting this week! I'll be writing a weekly column on the Skins and other sports of interest.

Thanks again for your interest.. Bram


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Thanks. I can't wait to see if these stations come in on my walkman!

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