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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sean Taylor Trial Update

From Kevin Sheehan at Sportstalk 980

1) this morning's motion to dismiss charges was denied

2) the motion was filed because he (Sharpstein) learned that the alleged victims in the case have significant criminal records and the prosecutor failed to present this information- it's an obilgation of the prosecutor in felony trials to do so...the prosecutor (Mike Greico) said he didn't know.

3) there are 3 victims and 2 witnesses in the case against Taylor....all have varying criminal backgrounds. Four of the 5 have been arrested since the Taylor incident. Of the 3 alleged "victims", 2 (Ryan Hill and Maurice Williams) were arrested three weeks ago for stealing ATV's-same occurence which led to Taylor's alleged response on the day in question. Both have existing records, Williams for petty theft. The other victim (Julius Gardner) is currently on probation for battery on a police officer which happened the day after the Taylor incident. Both "witnesses" have made interesting life choices as well.....Xavier Gibbs., already on probation for assault, was arrested in November/'05 for stealing jewelry from a jewelry store. Terrence Randolph was arrested for loitering and prowling prior to the Taylor incident.

4) the judge this morning ordered the prosecutor (Grieco) to investigate fully the criminal backgrounds of the alleged victims and witnesses in the case and report back....

5) and finally, victim Maurice Williams filed a civil suit against Taylor which Sharpstein says gets to the crux of the issue...they want #21's money.


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