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Monday, December 05, 2005

December 5-- Focus on AZ if that's possible

Injuries: Lavar Arrington has a bruised thigh, should be able to practice this week.., Ryan Clark sprained an ankle, but was decsribed by trainers as likely to be able to practice this week, Cornelious Griffin feels better this Monday then he did a week ago and should be fine, Cedric Killings groin injury will likely keep him out of practice this week, Joe Salave'a is doubtful to play at AZ, they will increase his activity this week to see how much pain he can tolerate, Ladell betts is expected to return to practice this week with the goal of playing on Sunday, James Thrash is doubtful to play against AZ, he has been described as improved and the team doesn't want to rule him out but it is unlikely, Ade Jimoh and Sean taylor each have minor ankle injuries but are expected to practice..

Joe Gibbs was proud that the defense did not allow an "explosion play" against St. Louis.. That is a play of 20 yards of more, it is the first time since his retunr that the D limited a team to none in a game..

Gibbs said his team does not scoreboard watch during late games, he said there were no TV's in the locker room prior to the STL game, he admits he has checked out the strength of schedules of the other NFC teams but said he doesn't waste energy worrying about everyone else.. "It's just the Cardinals this week, there is nothing else we are going to talk about," a pre-emptive strike against talk of a big Dallas game should tghe team win against AZ..

The Redskins are not considering picking up released WR Peerless Price, Gibbs said the team lloked into it but believes he would not be a good fit for the team.. As for the WR's in general, he described the situation as "something we have to live with."


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