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Friday, December 02, 2005

December 2-- More D-line issues

DL Cedric Killings strained his groin in Thursday's practice and is listed as doubtful for the game against STL.. DT Joe Salave'a did not practice Friday and remains doubtful for the game Sunday.. The defense rotated a number of players next to Cornelious Griffin who was said to have made it throguh the week well after his first game in a month.. Expect a heavy rotation including Demetric Evans, Ryan Boschetti and others as the team tries to find some consistency on their D-line..

RB Ladell Betts remains listed as questionable but Joe Gibbs said he does not expect to have him Sunday when the Skins play the Rams.. He did not practice on Friday.. This would be his third straight missed game thanks to a sprained knee..


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