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Sunday, December 04, 2005

December 4 Redskins 24 Rams 9

The Redskins have 2 100+ yard rushers for the first time since the Houston game in 2002 (Kenny Watson and Ladell Betts) in Rock cartwright, 9-118 and Clinton Portis 27-136.. It was cartwright's first ever 100+ yard rush day.. Portis scored two touchdowns inclduing a 47 yarder, his longest of the season..
The Redskins rushed for more yards then the Rams gained in total offense..
It was the fith straight road win for Washington in the series, the Skins have still never lost to the Rams franchise in St. Louis..

The Skins won the turnover battle for only the third time this year with a fumble recovery by renaldo Wynn and an interception by carlos Rogers, that's one in consecutive games... Rogers has taken over for Walt harris as full time starting Cb opposite Shawn Springs playing the bulk of the snaps..
Warrick Holdman played for the first time in weeks on one 3-4 set and while Lavar Arrington sat out a series at the end of the first half.. Arrington has a quad injury but played the seocnd half with it..
Other injuries: Ryan Clark (ankle), Taylor Jacobs (ankle), Ade Jimoh (ankle), all are not currently considered serious..
Clinton Portis bruised his shin,a n injury he has dealt with for weeks, he also "had to get the cobwebs out" after cracking on Ryan Pickett who weighs more then 100 pounds then him..
LB Lemar Marshall said he only had the wind knocked out of him at the end of the game and he is OK..

Arrington was in shock that Ryan Fitzpatrick did not slide on a first quarter play where Arrington held up.. He told me "next time I won't let that happen. didn't hit him because i didn't want to hurt the team and take a penalty, if he doesn't have respect for an NFl linebacker coming at him he'll learn soon."

Santana Moss said he "just lost it," on the field goal drive where he took a 15 yard penalty at the Rams five overly complainig to the refs, he bvelieves the Redskins take many calls that are much less flagrant then the contact he took in the end zone and voiced it to the refs but did it to an extent where they penalized him and he apologized for it..

Moss and Jacobs comined for 4 catches, the only receptions by the receiving core..

Most players said they expected the team to play hard and were not worried about anyone mailing it in despite what's happened the three previous weeks.. The modd was high as the team realizes a win next week allows them a shot at the two division teams in front of them both at home..

Mark brunnell said the safety play was something that just came with experience.. he called it a play that should not happen but was happy with the way the team responded and was able to seize control of the game..
The game clinching drive was started by 8 consecutive runs, the touchdown pass to Cooley was a play he said they run a lot but disguised the formation.. Cooley is the first Redskins tight end to surpass 50 catches in a seasn Jerry Smith who had 54 in 1969..


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