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Monday, November 21, 2005

November 21- The two minute offense worked, sort of

The Redskins sign WR Jimmy Farris who they cut after the final pre-season game.. He is WR number three on the roster after the team waived Rich Parson.. Parson is expected to return to the practice squad after he clears waivers.. The Skins will also be working out other WR's (non specific about who) later this week and likely will entertain the thought of signing one with only 3 WR's on the roster...

WR James Thrash has a high hamstring pull, he is not expected to play this weekend.. With Parson off the roster and Thrash injured, Gibbs was no specific about who would return kick offs this weekend, Rock Cartwright will likely get a shot.. Brown is a kick returner if the team entertains bringing him back as a fourth WR..

H Back Mike Sellars was at Redskin Park after being released form the hospital this morning.. he has a hairline fracture in his rib cage but no internal injuries.. He declined comment as he left the building.. Sellars will not play this week and will be re-evaluated next week.. As for him going back into the game after he was injured on the punt coverage play.. Sellars put himself back into the game according to Joe Gibbs, the trainers and coaches for that matter contend they believed he was done for the game, but Sellars got off the bench and went onto the field for the next special teams play.. He received a penalty for retaliating for the hit he received earlier..

RB Ladell Betts is day to day with a sprained knee and will likely be re-evaluated as towhether he can play against SD by the end of the week..

DT Cornelious Griffin ran some last week, will cotninue to up his workload this week but remains questionable to play against SD..

Though Mark Brunnell described the Redskins 2 minute offense at the end of the half as a "hiccup" in game management, Gibbs defended his team's play calling saying that he had two objectives, don't give the Raiders the ball back and score points, of which he accomplished both.. The Skins still ran one play from their own end of the field and allowed over 30 seconds to roll off the clock heading to the two minute warning, then ran another play and in no hurry allowed another 30 seocnd to go off the clock, a time out used after an incompletion occurred as well.. John hall ultimately made a 45 yard field goal and Gibbs said once the team was within Hall's rnage, they did attempt to shots at the end zone, one called "pigeon" and another called "flash of lightning." He wouldn't explain what those were..

Gibbs did say he wished he had run the ball more in the second half, Clinton Portis (despite the fumbles) had 5 carries after 17 for 70 in the first half and of course the Skins were playing with a lead or in a tie until the closing moments.. Gibbs said some of the run plays were eliminated because of numerous procedural and holding penalties putting the team in long yardage situations to start drives..

Gibbs wasn't vehement about it but believes that LaMont Jordan did fumble on the controversial goal line play in the game's final minutes.. Gibbs said he would like to see the refs call fumble first then review it which would ultimately have given them the opportunity to review and correct it if he indeed was down.. By calling him down by contact, the Skins are not allowed to challenge the ruling..
He did say he liked to fully have a clarification of "what down by conduct means."

The league said that the Alstott two point conversion from the TB game was inconclusive, he would not disclose what the league said to him about the other calls the Skins were particularly miffed about..


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