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Monday, November 28, 2005

November 28-- Gibbs defends Rabach and calls of Conservatism

Redskins coach Joe Gibbs had a phone conversation with Dan Snyder where he says Snyder told him he is happy with the effort of the team and was calling him hoping to ease his concerns about the direction of the team claiming he believes the team has "heart and fight." Gibbs says he loves this team and doesn't want to coach anywhere else..

Gibbs says the team still has a "ton to play for" as he hopes to salavge a season where they have lost 6 of 8 and remain two games back of both Dallas and the NYG in the NFC East race.. The Cowboys and Giants do play each other this weekend in NY..

Gibbs did not believe his team got too conservative in the second half, despite the team posting 29 fourth quarter yards in blowing a ten point lead.. Last week he admitted they got away from the run and that was a mistake.. Clinton Portis had 15 second half carries, 14 in the first.. As a whole the team only averaged 2.8 yards per carry.. Last week, Portis only had five carries despite a 17 for 70 performance in the first half against Oakland..

Gibbs defended C Casey Rabach calling the penalty an unfortunate mistake saying this was the best game he had played all year against DT Jamal Williams.. He also defended Robert Royal and said that despite the drops there will be no change to the TE unit with Royal remaining the starter..

Carlos Rogers appears heading toward a more prominent role on the defense, only fully healthy for a couple of weeks now.. Rogers got his first interception of the season on Sunday and may see more prominent playing time in front of Walt Harris as the season progresses..

Injuries: DT Joe Salave'a remains in question after reinjuring his foot on Sunday.. His status is uncertain but Gibbs said it may take a while before the team gets him back as he felt another "pop" in the foot.. DT Corenliuos Griffin was said to have made it through the game with no setback to his hip..
RB Ladell Betts appears unlikely to be back this week still dealing with a sprained knee but will likely increase his workload this week in practice.. WR James Thrash and H Back Mike Sellars are questionable with a hamstring and rib injury respectively..

Asked about his team's psyche: Gibbs said "can a team go through 3 tough losses like that and bounce back, that's what's going to be answered."


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