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Monday, January 23, 2006

January 23-- Saunders is hired

Al Saunders took himself out of the running for the Oakland and Houston jobs after he said he spent over 10 hours talking with Joe Gibbs about joining his staff.. Calling Gibbs a "hero" Saunders spoke openly in the same way Gregg Williams does about enjoying the coaching side of dealing with just the offense and not the numerous other issues a head coach deals with..

In turn, after being named Associate Head coach offense, Saunders will be calling the plays and in general running the Redskins O.. Gibbs said it was the kansas City offense that his team often referenced as they prepared for the numerous similar opponents they faced this past year.. saunders Chiefs were ranked number one in offense averaging 287 yards per game last season..

Gibbs had relinquished a good portion of the actual play calling this past season allowing Jack Burns and Don Breaux to make game day calls from the booth.. It is unclear if Saunders will be on the field during games or in the booth.. Those in the booth cannot directly communicate with the QB so if he were calling plays from above, it would have to be relayed..

Jason campbell and Mark Brunnell will not be learning a new offensive scheme.. The Chiefs apparently ran the same numerbed scheme, but Saunders was looked at as more innovatvive then the one Washington was running.. Saunders said it would be ludicrous to think Gibbs won't be directly involved in the coaching of the offense..

Gibbs reaffirmed that he is here to coach five years and that this move was strictly made because the Redskins will do whatever they believe would be in the best interest of their team even if it means putting some egos aside.. The Redskins staff is expected to return in tact, Gibbs said a number of coaches were approached about potential openings but have turned down requests.. Washington has the highest paid staff in the league..
Gibbs said he would not have hired any other offensive coordinator, only Saunders because he believes he is the perfect fit for the current staff and the offense they run citing the coaching tree both have come from..

His son Bill Saunders potentially will be joining the staff as well, that has been undtermined.. Saunders said it is too early to determine the quarterback situation here and Gibbs said he has not spoken with Patrick Ramsey since their end of the season meeting as of yet..

Monday, January 16, 2006

January 16-- Offseason Outlook

In the final presser of the seaosn, Joe Gibbs expresses confidence that the core group of Redskins reside in the locker room and that it remains his goal to retain their free agents (there are few) and to retain the staff.. Gibbs said the team has been approached about interviews for staff members for head coaching vacancies, it is his belief that the staff will stay as he put it, some have turned down those opportunities, he said extensions for staff members are possible..

Joe said he feels good and that he will return as Redskins head coach next season.. He says as long as he doesn't play golf, he won't be in trouble with his wife...

The team is expecting to retain Ray Brown in the organization in some form, what exact role he'll play will be undetermined but he will not be playing next season..

On the future of LaVar Arrington: Gobbs said those are decisions that will be discussed over the next few weeks.. He did not say whether the team is leaning one way or another toward working with LaVar in terms of him staying.. Arrington is owed a 6.5 million dollar roster bonus this summer that can be avoided if he is released.. Arrington's cap hit as it stands would be over 12 million, they would save 6.5 by releasing him after June 1st but befor the bonus..

On the future at QB: Gibbs said he and Patrick Ramsey spoke, that neither had discussed hopes or intentions, that is another decision to be made in a few weeks, the team would save 1.5 million on their cap by releasing or trading Ramsey.. They would eat 1.2 million in bonus if he is traded or released.. He costs 2.882 million against the cap..
As for Jason Campbell, Gibbs said he wa sconfident Campbell could have played this year if he had to but he was better served sitting for the entire year.. he says now, "it's time for him to earn his money. He needs to play." Does that mean he might vie for the starting job? Million dollar question there..
QB Mark Brunnell's base salary jumps from 765 K to 4 million this year leaving an overall cap hit of 5.433 million, possibly a candidate to renegotiate..

On Wr's: Gibbs is happy with his compliment hoping the return of David Patten and James Thrash will solidify a unit that was hamstrung.. Gibbs said the team will assess the position as well with the hopes of upgrading..

On Sean Taylor: Gibbs said he spoke to the safety and that they are "both on the same page," in regard to Taylor working in Washington this offseaosn, which he did not do a year ago.. He said he and Taylor talked about the spitting incident and that he hopes and believes something like that will never happen again..

On Kicker/punter: Gibbs said he likes John hall and that Hall's leg issues might be a product of him working himself too hard in the offseason.. Derrick Frost was erratic, and it's an issue the team will discuss in the coming weeks...

Redskin free agents: LS Ethan Albright (made 705K in '05), LB Khary Campbell (made 455K in '05), S Ryan Clark (made 455k in "05), DE Demetric Evans (made 656K in '05), LB Warrick Holdman (made 540K in '05), DE Aki Jones, De Cedric Killings (made 540K in '05), H-back Brian Kozlowski (made 765K in '05), LB Nick McNeil (made 230K in '05), S Omar Stoutmire (made 665K in '05).. RB Rock Cartwright, TE Robert Royal was named during the presser as a free agent, but information suggests he is under contract for '06..
Restricted free agents: LB Chris Clemons (would likely make 385K in '06), and CB Ade Jimoh (would make 455K in '06)

If my math is correct and because we don't see all the details of contracts, as of right now, the Skins roster accounts for between 105-112 million dollars.. The cap in '05 was 85 million, that numbr is expected to go up, if it rose to 90 million, a likely ending number, that would put the Skins 15-20 million over.. It would likely mean the end for LaVar and Ramsey with other decisions to be made..

T Jon Jansen's base salary jumps from 545K to 4 million, he could be asked to renegotiate, CB Walt Harris carries a cap hit of 2.6 million, they would save 1.5 if they released him.. C Cory Raymer is in the final year of his deal, releasing him would save over 1 million on the cap.. T Chris Samuels redid his deal a year ago, still with a 6.432 salary cap bonus and a near 3 million dollar hit on top of that, he will cost the Skins over 10 million on their cap, possibly a renegotation candidate.. CB Shawn Springs has over 3 million in bonuses, thus his number is 5.55 million, his base salary jumps to near 5 mil by itself, likely a renegotiation candidate after next year unless there is an uncapped year.. K John Hall's contract calls for a base salary of 1.5 million, 900K more then last year, he costs 2.75 mil.. RB Clinton Portis will cost the team 5.476 million in 'o6, his base salary climbs by more then 3 million in '07, likely a renegotiation candidate after next season.. C Casey Rabach will cost over 3 million against the cap despite a low base salary..

Their list of own free agents are short and not costly with only Ryan Clark possibly receiving major interest around the league.. Resigning them should be of no major issue and losing these players may not be the end of the world either.. Either way, this team appears to be strapped in terms of attracting major free agents.. What appears all but certain is this: At least one major player (LaVar) will have to be released to make some room, possibly more then one, a coupel of renegotiations will have to take place.. But the bulk of this team is set, the bulk of them will return and the face of the personnell will change slightly only based on little money to shop with.. Hope you liked this team, they are primed to make one run before another round of decisions in '07 unless there is an uncapped year which would mean a free for all, until another cap and then the Skins would have to be stripped down.. This isn't cap hell, but they will have to certainly be creative to keep this team in tact.. Upgrading appears unlikely at major skill positions.. Depth along the O-line, WR, CB, and D-end are prioities, a punter may be possible, a cheaper alternative to kicker is possible too, but that one from the sounds of Gibbs voice appears unlikely..

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Seahawks 20 Redskins 10

The Redskins season ends with a 20-10 divisional playoff loss at Seattle.. The Seahawks are the number one seed in the playoffs.. Joe Gibbs falls to 17-6 overall, and 0-4 in the second game of back to back road playoff games in the same postseason..

Washington started the season 3-0 including a win over Seattle where the team lost the turnover battle each game.. Saturday the Skins won the turnover battle 3-1 but lost the game.. Washington got fumble reoveries on a muffed punt and a fumbled kick off but turned those turnovers into just 3 points..

Their offense struggled for the third straight wee, they gained only 74 yards in the first half, but finished the game with 289.. Clinton Portis was held to 41 yards on 17 carries.. At one point, back up center Cory Raymer was playing right guard for Ray Brown who was taken to the locker room for cramps.. he did return and finished the game.. Brown announced afterward he is retiring after 20 seasons in the NFL..

WR taylor Jacobs left the game with an illness but returned.. CB Shawn Springs left the game with cramps but returned.. PR Antonio Brown had the wind knocked out of him but returned..
DT Cornelious Griffin injured his right knee in the 4th quarter, it is a sprain, he says he doesn't believe it is very serious.. The team gave no official report..

Seattle RB Shawn Alexander left in the first quarter after suffering a concussion, he did not return.. Maurice morris rushed for 49 yards on 18 carries, Mack Strong had the longest run of his career, a 32 yarder on a 3rd and six in the fourth that led to the game clinching field goal..

WR Darrell jackson left the game early with a back injury but returned to grab a game high 9 balls for 143 yards and a touchdown.. All the other Seattle WR's ended up with 7 catches 72 yards..
WR Santana Moss had 7 catches for 103 yards and a touchdown that went through the hands of CB Andre Dyson..
Mark Brunnell ended up 22-37 242 yards, 1 TD, no INT, sacked twice..

The locker room was pretty positive in the face of defeat, numerous players saying they hope the unit remains in tact, DT Joe Salave'a was among those saying he wants to return, that he doesn't want to play anywhere else.. Joe Gibbs said it is his intent to keep the group together as best as possible.. I will do a detailed salary structure review for you later in the week..

Marcus Washington said he thought the team was going to win when they got off the bus, that he was very dissapointed that the season ended.. In general, the modd was relatively positive most players poitning to the character and work ethic of this team as a sign that good things are to come..

Washington had it's first 6 game win streak since 1996.. This was the first ever postseason meeting between the Seahawks and redskins and it was Seattle's first postseaosn victory over anyone since 1984..

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

January 11-- Portis being Portis

Clinton Portis was himself today saying he did not feel superstitious about not dressing up for the his weekly media session.. He said we can call him "Hot Stuff" showing off 2 letters he received from women who he claims asked him to not dress up so they could see his pretty face..
Portis says the weight he put on in the offseason is helping him now, he says he feels fresh now.. The shoulder injury he was dealing with in TB says happened when he took a shot in Friday's practice and it carryed over into the game.. he says he's been getting massages all week, taking it easy in practice and that he feels good heading into the Seattle game..

Gregg Williams said his defense is going to have to play a lot better then they did the first time against Seattle if they expect to beat the Seahawks this time.. he credited them as the best offensive team his guys played all year..

Jon Jansen was back at practice, as was guard Ray Brown, both missed on Tuesday.. WR James Thrash also participated with a brace on his surgically repaired thumb.. There have been no changes to the injury report in terms of status..

The Redskins are travelling to Seattle tomorrow, they will practice there in the afternoon on Friday..

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

January 10-- Sleepless in Seattle

Jon Jansen, Ray Brown and Chris Samuels all sat out of Tuesday's practice.. This common procedure with Samuels who has been dealing with knee and ankle problems, he is listed as probable..
Jansen is dealing with lingering effects of his thumbs injury and a back injury.. he is not on the injury report.. G Ray Brown had a shot to help alleviate pain in his knee.. he is also not listed on the injury report..

RB Clinton Portis was limited in practice with a shoulder injury.. He did what was decsribed as light work, but he is expected to be able to play on Saturday against Seattle.. He also is not listed on the injury report..

WR James Thrash was at practcie, a day removed from a minor procedure to help a broken thumb.. he was limited, and is officially listed as questionable..

CB Shawn Springs returned to practice and is expected to be able to play.. He said he felt good and that if he had to he could have played against Tampa.. Joe Gibbs said he looked good.. He is listed as probable (groin)

DT Cornelious Griffin did practice but is probable with a shoulder injury..

Seattle Injury report: LB DD Lewis (foot) questionable, DE Joe Tafoya (hamstring) questionable, CB Marcus Trufant (back) questionable, T Wayne Hunter (ankle) questionable.. None of these players practiced on Tuesday for the Seahawks..

Seattle QB Matt Hasselbeck was remarkably honest during a conference call explainign how the chemistry is like night and day from what was going on a year ago in Seattle.. He said players had alcohol on the breath in the huddle at practice, some players wouldn't show up to meetings, the numerous free agents would openly say they weren't interested in listening to the coaches because they weren't going to be there anyway.. He says the locker room is much better even though the team from a talent perspective went down a level.. Mike Holmgren agreed with Hasselbeck's assesment..

Holmgren said that he had an opportunity to interview for a position on Joe Gibbs staff back in the late 80's, but that when he was on his way to the airport, SF offered him the O coordinator position and he didn't take the trip..
Holmgren said if the system was different, i.e. salary cap and free agency, he would have never let Mark Brunnell leave his side.. Brunnel was a back-up with Holmgren in Green Bay in Brett Favre's early years.. Brunnell says he still has a little of the Mike Holmgren system engrained in his play..

Joe Bugel said that Dan Snyder's vote of confidence mid season to Joe Gibbs and the team at 5-6 was a major factor in the team being able to turn around it's season.. He saying the calming force of the two leaders on the same page working for the same goal got the ball rolling.. Bugel said the reaction by the fans has been great too saying this team has gone global with all the travelling by the Redskin fans in recent weeks..

For Doc Walker: Latest nickname to be revealed by the players, Phillip Daniels is known as Big Worm..
Daniels said the reason he is having much more success later in the seaosn is a change in his role in the defense, he was asked to crash itno the middle of the line more often early to occuppy blockers in order to help an outside rush from LB's and defensive backs.. he says the team has blitzed a lot less frequently in recent weeks and allowed him to rush from the outside and the numbers are starting to come.. Daniels did not agree with the coaches assessment that he is playing the best ball of his career..

Monday, January 09, 2006

Spitgate ends

Sean Taylor was fined 17 thousand dollars by the NFl for spitting on Bucs RB Michael Pittman, Gibbs said they looked hard at the tape and did not see the spit, he also said it is something he talked to Taylor about and that it is something he hopes won't happen again.. There is no one in the building confirming he did actually do it.. There will be no suspension..
Gibbs said "we understand the penalty, he is so valuable to us, he understands we need him to play."

DE Renaldo Wynn was placed on injured reserve after breaking his forearm, he underwent surgery, he was to spend lats night in the hsopital before being released, 2 plates were placed in his arm, but the doctors believe he won't suffer any long term effects and will be OK to play next year.. Gibbs said Dan Snyder's wife Tanya went with him to the Tampa area hospital then subsequently on a private jet back to Washington becaus ethe proper surgeon wasn't available there..
The team signed LB Nick McNeil off the practice squad to replace Wynn on the roster..

WR James Thrash underwent thumb surgery, a small plate was put in it, he played 3 quarters of the TB game with it, they are calling him day to day, they are going to try to fit him with a brace that will allow the tip of his thumb to be out so he can catch..

RB Clinton Portis is expected to be able to play on Saturday, Joe Gibbs said the lingering effects of the shoulder injury he suffered should not be a problem and that by the end of the week, "he'll be ready to roll."

CB Shawn Springs is expected to return to practice tomorrow, he is dealing with a groin injury..

DE Phillip Daniels has a hip flexor injury, he is expected to be OK..

The team is travelling on Thursday, Gibbs said this is something he has never done before.. The team has been off the past two days, will work Tuesday and Wednesday, fly to Seattle Thursday after being allowed to "sleep in" They will work out in the afternoon on Friday befor ethe Saturday game.. Gibbs is hoping the rest will re-energize the team which is beat up, and that is an understatement..

Gibbs admits the team's offensive thinking was altered by the lead they got in Tampa, he didn't go so far as to say the team went conservative, but, well, you get the idea..
On Mark Brunnell: He says he knows that he needs to be more productive but credited Brunnell for making the right decisions when the plays were not there.. This is what he likes about Mark, few mistakes..

Gibbs was asked about "being on a roll." Gibbs: "I'm not a karma guy, I don't believe in luck.. We have been fortunate I will say that, the changes that happened when we started winning is the turnover margin." He did concede this, " I do have a string feeling about this stuff and the win streak, but I'll keep that to myself."

Joe Gibbs said he was shocked by the ammount of fans who were at Redskin Park when the team returned, particularly shocked by a dog with his name written on it..

Sunday, January 08, 2006

January 7-- Redskins 17 TB 10

The Redskins gain 120 yards, fewest for a winning playoff team in the history of the NFL.. In a form of karmic justice the Skins get a few fortunate calls in the 17-10 win over TB.. LaVar Arrington appeared to have fumbled a first quarter interception that he returned to the TB six yard line, he was called down by contact..
Edell Sheppard appeared to have caught a game tying touchdown in the fourth quarter, but bobbled it, it was called incomplete, review did not overturn it..
Marcus Washington was not ruled down when a fumble by Carnell Williams turned into a return, re-fumble by Washington, pick up by Sean Taylor and taken in for a 51 yard score..

Had Mike Alstott's two point conversion call gone the Skins way in Tampa in their mid-season meeting, this game would have been played in Washington, the Skins would have won the NFC East and been the 3 seed by virtue of their conference record, TB would have been the six seed in that scenario playing at Fed Ex Field in the first round..

S Sean Taylor was ejected from the game in the second half for spitting in the face of Bucs RB Michael Pittman.. He is not expected to be suspended for the Seattle game but will be fined..

Clitnon Portis ended a 5 game 100 plus yard rush streak, he ended up with 53 yards on 16 carries.. Portis reinjured his shoulder on the game's 3rd play.. He was in and out of the lineup with what the team is calling a shoulder burner but is expected to play next week..

DE Renaldo Wynn broke his right forearm, his season is effectively over.. Demetric Evans and Cedric Killings are the main back-ups who will play in his place..

P Derrick Frost suffered a black eye making a tackle on a punt return.. He should be OK..

T Jon Jansen and T Chris Samuels appeared to be dealing with back and knee issues, but neither were cited by the team after the game on their injury report.. A more detialed report will come out on Monday..

John hall made a 47 yard field goal, his longest of the season..

Washington is at Seattle On Saturday.. The Redskins were the last team to defeat the Seahawks until a late seaon game where Seattle had already locked up home field advantage.. This will be the first ever playoff meeting between the Seahawks and the Redskins..

Joe Gibbs won his 17th career postseaosn game (17-5 overall), he is now alone in third place all time passing Steelers coach Chuck Noll.. The all time playoff winningest coach is Dallas's Tom Landry with 20.. Gibbs has still never lost a wild card game, 5-0..
ESPN reports that Gregg Williams will receive a 1 million dollar bonus if he is still on the staff when Joe Gibbs eventually retires and is not named his succesor, thus the succession line is officially in place.. When Gibbs plans on stepping down is anyone's guess, he has openly talked about coaching through the 5 year deal he signed and his body language and rhetoric this seaosn would lead you to believe he will definitely be back for next season at the least..

Thursday, January 05, 2006

January 5-- Springs uncertain

CB Shawn Springs did not practice on Thursday, he is being deemed by Gregg Williams as a game time decision with a groin injury.. he says he will try to play, and even conceded he may only be able to play a certain ammount of downs in a nickel situation..
CB Carlos Rogers wouldn't reveal how the team will defend Joey Galloway, someone Springs was mainly covering in the first meeting.. Rogers said he and former Auburn roomate Cadillac Williams talked a lot of smack after the first meeting with Williams reminding Rogers that his team won and Rogers reminding Williams he had 24 yards rushing..

DE Renaldo Wynn returned to practie on Thursday, remains probable for the game against TB..
Bucs DE Simeon Rice was removed from the injury list having missed Wednesday's practice with an illness but returned on Thursday..

Clinton Portis was dressed as "Coach janky Spanky" wearing a white coaches shirt, short black ref shorts and an inflatable Motorola headset that looked from afar like a real one.. This was actually relatively humorous opening by saying he is a Pop Warner coach who would have taken the job of defensive coordinator for much les money, a shot at Gregg Williams and the large extension he signed earlier in the week.. These two needle each other often on the practice field and in the media as well..
Commenting on Joe Gibbs assessment that Portis would like for everyone to wear underwear to practice, he wrote on a pad, "No Contact" saying that no one would want to touch each other in their underwear..
Portis was credited by Gibbs as being someone who told the organization to go get Santana Moss when they were looking for a receiver.. Asked why he liked Moss, he wrote down, 4.2, as in his speed elaborating later that he has yet to see someone cover him other then former Miami CB Phillip Buchannon..

Gregg Williams talked openly about the missing players in the first TB game, Sean Taylor, Cornelious Griffin, a hobbled Ryan Clark, not making an excuse for the game there but saying he expects a different defensive effort then last time even if the team is missing Springs..Williams said the TB game still sticks with him because of the number of times the team got "beat over the top."

Sean Taylor said there was nothing he could do about the TB game, that he doesn't second guess what might have happened because he was on "one leg" that day and he could not have helped the defense.. Asked if he thought he was playing his best ball as a Redskin now (20 tackles the last 2 weeks, fumble recovery for a TD/ INT vs. AZ) he said "not even close."

Joe Gibbs has never lost a wild card playoff game..

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

January 4-- How they got here

The Redskins had what they deemed a long day of practice as they are working on a short week preparing for the Tampa playoff game..

CB Shawn Springs did not practice, he is listed as questionable with a groin injury.. CB Carlos Rogers did return to practice this week and is not listed on the injury report.. QB Mark Brunnell took part in all of the team work for the first time since spraining his knee, he also is not listed on the report..
DE Renaldo Wynn was held out of practice (foot), similar situation as last week, he is expected to play, listed as probable..

TB injuries: WR Michael Clayton (turf toe) Out, S Jermaine Phillips (knee) questionable, DE Simeon Rice (illness) probable

Mike Sellars and Jon Jansen, two of the few who were Redskins during the last playoff game for the franchise described that day as a nightmare.. Jansen said he has learned the hard way that making the playoffs is no guarantee and it is something he hopes to remind some of the younger players on the team about..

Asked if they thought of themselves as Super Bowl possibilities, all of the players said absolutely, but will keep the one game mindset.. Sellars said making it through as tough a schedule and they way they did it will ultimately help this team..The players said unanimously that they are not feeling satisfied with what they have accomplished, Renaldo Wynn said the team is like "a pack of wolves that smells blood."

Joe Gibbs was widely credited by those there yesterday with putting together the crux of the team that has returned the Redskins to the playoffs, he passed off a lot of the credit on Vinny and the rest of the staff.. he says that the way the team picks players now through the draft and free agency is not that far different from the way everyone worked together when Bobby Beathard and Charley Casserly were the GM.. Emphasizing Dan Snyder is "the boss" Gibbs said the coaches, Vinny and the scouts and Snyder all sit in on discussions when it comes to player acquisitions..
Gibbs also wanted to pass on taking credit for being able to get through to his players, saying what it is about is getting the right type of people, and if you get the right type of people, you don't even need a coach..

Gibbs priased Sean Taylor for being more mature and more "outgoing" this year saying he believes as things move on down into the future that Taylor might be more receptive to making DC his home..

Mike Sellars was named the NFC special teams player of the week..

On the resigning of Gregg Williams: Gibbs said he and Dan Snyder had discussions leading into the regular season finale and approached Gregg with trying to get something down to keep him here.. he says Williams was very receptive to staying in Washington citing his family and comfort level with his spot in the organization..
Gibbs said it remaisn his goal to keep his staff and core player group in tact heading into '06..

Only one NFL team has won three road playoff games to get to the Super Bowl, the '85 Patriots who lost to Chicago..

Monday, January 02, 2006

January 2-- Skins readying for playoffs

Joe Gibbs credits second half defensive adjustments by the coaching staff for the turnaround in Philadelphia, and the glut of turnovers as well..

Gibbs of course passed off credit on the players and his staff failing to accept any of the credit for the team's ability to come back from 5-6 to get into the playoffs.. This is only the second postseason appearance for Washington since Gibbs retired back in 1992.. Tampa is the site of the last Skins playoff game, a 14-13 loss in January 2000...

Asked about the availaibility of his coaches for interviews for the various positions that have opened around the league, Gibbs said the team is obviously focussed on it's game this weekend and "those things will just play out." He knows and believes there are numerous candidates on his staff that will be courted but he hopes that the team can keep it's staff together, that was a goal, but he didn't sound as if he would prevent anyone from talking to other teams if they were approached..

Injuries: CB Shawn Springs had an MRI on his injured groin.. Bubba Tyer said there was no major tear in the groin however doctors will meet on Tuesday to determine the best option for him.. No matter what he is not expected to practice this week if at all and his availability for this weekend is very much in question.. The team will meet with a surgeon with the possibility of a procedure forthcoming which would essentially remove any possibility of him playing in the postseason..

CB Carlos Rogers has progressed nicely, his arm will be fitted with extra padding to protect his injured bicep muscle and he is expected to practice this week and play in TB..

CB Ade Jimoh was released from a DC area hospital after being evaluated for an episode with an irregular heartbeat.. He was given medication for the condition and the team is expecting him to be able to practice and play.. It is a condition the team is expected to take a look at in the offseason.. This was the second time Jimoh's heart rate started racing during a game..

RB Clinton Portis "got beat up" accoriding to trainers, he has a shoulder injuries as well as other bumps and bruises but should be able to play at TB.,.

LB Lemar Marshall suffered a sprained shoulder, they will work on it but he is expected to be able to play at TB..

S Ryan Clark suffered a hyperextended knee but returned to the game and is expected to be OK for the game..

The coaches are trying to guard against the team feeling as if they have accomplished everything they can to get into the playoffs by winning the five must win games.. Gibbs admits he likes his team's chances in the playoffs having had so much experience and success with the teams but of course is trying to stay focussed on the game at hand..
Gibbs said he would actually prefer to play a team that he hadn't faced in the regular season but obviously that won't be the case unless somehow he and Carolina reach the NFC title game...

Gibbs admitted to me in a 1-1 that he was actualyl questioning himself during the 6-10 and subsequent 5-6 start to this season, but he said he doesn't want to get into any kind of "I told you so" scenarios.. He remains humble..

Gibbs decsribed the last tampa game as one the Bucs won "fair and square," although we all remember the complaints following the game in regard to the call that Mike Alstott had scored on the definitive two point conversion play in TB mid season.. He reiterated that he does not believe that one play determines a game although readily admitting he still doesn't think Alstott scored..

Asked why he changed quarterbacks in the fourth quarter yesterday, Eagles coach Andy Reid said, "It's just something that I wanted to do."

The Redskins have an off day on Tuesday, will practice Wed. and Thurs. then travel to Tampa on Friday..

Santana Moss and Clinton each broke Redskin single season rush and receiving marks respectively.. Gibbs was particualrly proud of their accomplishments having traded for both..