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Thursday, January 05, 2006

January 5-- Springs uncertain

CB Shawn Springs did not practice on Thursday, he is being deemed by Gregg Williams as a game time decision with a groin injury.. he says he will try to play, and even conceded he may only be able to play a certain ammount of downs in a nickel situation..
CB Carlos Rogers wouldn't reveal how the team will defend Joey Galloway, someone Springs was mainly covering in the first meeting.. Rogers said he and former Auburn roomate Cadillac Williams talked a lot of smack after the first meeting with Williams reminding Rogers that his team won and Rogers reminding Williams he had 24 yards rushing..

DE Renaldo Wynn returned to practie on Thursday, remains probable for the game against TB..
Bucs DE Simeon Rice was removed from the injury list having missed Wednesday's practice with an illness but returned on Thursday..

Clinton Portis was dressed as "Coach janky Spanky" wearing a white coaches shirt, short black ref shorts and an inflatable Motorola headset that looked from afar like a real one.. This was actually relatively humorous opening by saying he is a Pop Warner coach who would have taken the job of defensive coordinator for much les money, a shot at Gregg Williams and the large extension he signed earlier in the week.. These two needle each other often on the practice field and in the media as well..
Commenting on Joe Gibbs assessment that Portis would like for everyone to wear underwear to practice, he wrote on a pad, "No Contact" saying that no one would want to touch each other in their underwear..
Portis was credited by Gibbs as being someone who told the organization to go get Santana Moss when they were looking for a receiver.. Asked why he liked Moss, he wrote down, 4.2, as in his speed elaborating later that he has yet to see someone cover him other then former Miami CB Phillip Buchannon..

Gregg Williams talked openly about the missing players in the first TB game, Sean Taylor, Cornelious Griffin, a hobbled Ryan Clark, not making an excuse for the game there but saying he expects a different defensive effort then last time even if the team is missing Springs..Williams said the TB game still sticks with him because of the number of times the team got "beat over the top."

Sean Taylor said there was nothing he could do about the TB game, that he doesn't second guess what might have happened because he was on "one leg" that day and he could not have helped the defense.. Asked if he thought he was playing his best ball as a Redskin now (20 tackles the last 2 weeks, fumble recovery for a TD/ INT vs. AZ) he said "not even close."

Joe Gibbs has never lost a wild card playoff game..


Blogger KevR37 said...

If the Skins can get to Simms and Brunell, Portis and Moss play like they have in the last 5 weeks Watch out for the SKINS! We know the Defense will show up and Taylor was laying out people all over the field last week was impressive...SKins Baby!

8:29 AM  

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