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Monday, January 02, 2006

January 2-- Skins readying for playoffs

Joe Gibbs credits second half defensive adjustments by the coaching staff for the turnaround in Philadelphia, and the glut of turnovers as well..

Gibbs of course passed off credit on the players and his staff failing to accept any of the credit for the team's ability to come back from 5-6 to get into the playoffs.. This is only the second postseason appearance for Washington since Gibbs retired back in 1992.. Tampa is the site of the last Skins playoff game, a 14-13 loss in January 2000...

Asked about the availaibility of his coaches for interviews for the various positions that have opened around the league, Gibbs said the team is obviously focussed on it's game this weekend and "those things will just play out." He knows and believes there are numerous candidates on his staff that will be courted but he hopes that the team can keep it's staff together, that was a goal, but he didn't sound as if he would prevent anyone from talking to other teams if they were approached..

Injuries: CB Shawn Springs had an MRI on his injured groin.. Bubba Tyer said there was no major tear in the groin however doctors will meet on Tuesday to determine the best option for him.. No matter what he is not expected to practice this week if at all and his availability for this weekend is very much in question.. The team will meet with a surgeon with the possibility of a procedure forthcoming which would essentially remove any possibility of him playing in the postseason..

CB Carlos Rogers has progressed nicely, his arm will be fitted with extra padding to protect his injured bicep muscle and he is expected to practice this week and play in TB..

CB Ade Jimoh was released from a DC area hospital after being evaluated for an episode with an irregular heartbeat.. He was given medication for the condition and the team is expecting him to be able to practice and play.. It is a condition the team is expected to take a look at in the offseason.. This was the second time Jimoh's heart rate started racing during a game..

RB Clinton Portis "got beat up" accoriding to trainers, he has a shoulder injuries as well as other bumps and bruises but should be able to play at TB.,.

LB Lemar Marshall suffered a sprained shoulder, they will work on it but he is expected to be able to play at TB..

S Ryan Clark suffered a hyperextended knee but returned to the game and is expected to be OK for the game..

The coaches are trying to guard against the team feeling as if they have accomplished everything they can to get into the playoffs by winning the five must win games.. Gibbs admits he likes his team's chances in the playoffs having had so much experience and success with the teams but of course is trying to stay focussed on the game at hand..
Gibbs said he would actually prefer to play a team that he hadn't faced in the regular season but obviously that won't be the case unless somehow he and Carolina reach the NFC title game...

Gibbs admitted to me in a 1-1 that he was actualyl questioning himself during the 6-10 and subsequent 5-6 start to this season, but he said he doesn't want to get into any kind of "I told you so" scenarios.. He remains humble..

Gibbs decsribed the last tampa game as one the Bucs won "fair and square," although we all remember the complaints following the game in regard to the call that Mike Alstott had scored on the definitive two point conversion play in TB mid season.. He reiterated that he does not believe that one play determines a game although readily admitting he still doesn't think Alstott scored..

Asked why he changed quarterbacks in the fourth quarter yesterday, Eagles coach Andy Reid said, "It's just something that I wanted to do."

The Redskins have an off day on Tuesday, will practice Wed. and Thurs. then travel to Tampa on Friday..

Santana Moss and Clinton each broke Redskin single season rush and receiving marks respectively.. Gibbs was particualrly proud of their accomplishments having traded for both..


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