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Monday, January 23, 2006

January 23-- Saunders is hired

Al Saunders took himself out of the running for the Oakland and Houston jobs after he said he spent over 10 hours talking with Joe Gibbs about joining his staff.. Calling Gibbs a "hero" Saunders spoke openly in the same way Gregg Williams does about enjoying the coaching side of dealing with just the offense and not the numerous other issues a head coach deals with..

In turn, after being named Associate Head coach offense, Saunders will be calling the plays and in general running the Redskins O.. Gibbs said it was the kansas City offense that his team often referenced as they prepared for the numerous similar opponents they faced this past year.. saunders Chiefs were ranked number one in offense averaging 287 yards per game last season..

Gibbs had relinquished a good portion of the actual play calling this past season allowing Jack Burns and Don Breaux to make game day calls from the booth.. It is unclear if Saunders will be on the field during games or in the booth.. Those in the booth cannot directly communicate with the QB so if he were calling plays from above, it would have to be relayed..

Jason campbell and Mark Brunnell will not be learning a new offensive scheme.. The Chiefs apparently ran the same numerbed scheme, but Saunders was looked at as more innovatvive then the one Washington was running.. Saunders said it would be ludicrous to think Gibbs won't be directly involved in the coaching of the offense..

Gibbs reaffirmed that he is here to coach five years and that this move was strictly made because the Redskins will do whatever they believe would be in the best interest of their team even if it means putting some egos aside.. The Redskins staff is expected to return in tact, Gibbs said a number of coaches were approached about potential openings but have turned down requests.. Washington has the highest paid staff in the league..
Gibbs said he would not have hired any other offensive coordinator, only Saunders because he believes he is the perfect fit for the current staff and the offense they run citing the coaching tree both have come from..

His son Bill Saunders potentially will be joining the staff as well, that has been undtermined.. Saunders said it is too early to determine the quarterback situation here and Gibbs said he has not spoken with Patrick Ramsey since their end of the season meeting as of yet..


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