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Monday, January 09, 2006

Spitgate ends

Sean Taylor was fined 17 thousand dollars by the NFl for spitting on Bucs RB Michael Pittman, Gibbs said they looked hard at the tape and did not see the spit, he also said it is something he talked to Taylor about and that it is something he hopes won't happen again.. There is no one in the building confirming he did actually do it.. There will be no suspension..
Gibbs said "we understand the penalty, he is so valuable to us, he understands we need him to play."

DE Renaldo Wynn was placed on injured reserve after breaking his forearm, he underwent surgery, he was to spend lats night in the hsopital before being released, 2 plates were placed in his arm, but the doctors believe he won't suffer any long term effects and will be OK to play next year.. Gibbs said Dan Snyder's wife Tanya went with him to the Tampa area hospital then subsequently on a private jet back to Washington becaus ethe proper surgeon wasn't available there..
The team signed LB Nick McNeil off the practice squad to replace Wynn on the roster..

WR James Thrash underwent thumb surgery, a small plate was put in it, he played 3 quarters of the TB game with it, they are calling him day to day, they are going to try to fit him with a brace that will allow the tip of his thumb to be out so he can catch..

RB Clinton Portis is expected to be able to play on Saturday, Joe Gibbs said the lingering effects of the shoulder injury he suffered should not be a problem and that by the end of the week, "he'll be ready to roll."

CB Shawn Springs is expected to return to practice tomorrow, he is dealing with a groin injury..

DE Phillip Daniels has a hip flexor injury, he is expected to be OK..

The team is travelling on Thursday, Gibbs said this is something he has never done before.. The team has been off the past two days, will work Tuesday and Wednesday, fly to Seattle Thursday after being allowed to "sleep in" They will work out in the afternoon on Friday befor ethe Saturday game.. Gibbs is hoping the rest will re-energize the team which is beat up, and that is an understatement..

Gibbs admits the team's offensive thinking was altered by the lead they got in Tampa, he didn't go so far as to say the team went conservative, but, well, you get the idea..
On Mark Brunnell: He says he knows that he needs to be more productive but credited Brunnell for making the right decisions when the plays were not there.. This is what he likes about Mark, few mistakes..

Gibbs was asked about "being on a roll." Gibbs: "I'm not a karma guy, I don't believe in luck.. We have been fortunate I will say that, the changes that happened when we started winning is the turnover margin." He did concede this, " I do have a string feeling about this stuff and the win streak, but I'll keep that to myself."

Joe Gibbs said he was shocked by the ammount of fans who were at Redskin Park when the team returned, particularly shocked by a dog with his name written on it..


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