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Monday, January 16, 2006

January 16-- Offseason Outlook

In the final presser of the seaosn, Joe Gibbs expresses confidence that the core group of Redskins reside in the locker room and that it remains his goal to retain their free agents (there are few) and to retain the staff.. Gibbs said the team has been approached about interviews for staff members for head coaching vacancies, it is his belief that the staff will stay as he put it, some have turned down those opportunities, he said extensions for staff members are possible..

Joe said he feels good and that he will return as Redskins head coach next season.. He says as long as he doesn't play golf, he won't be in trouble with his wife...

The team is expecting to retain Ray Brown in the organization in some form, what exact role he'll play will be undetermined but he will not be playing next season..

On the future of LaVar Arrington: Gobbs said those are decisions that will be discussed over the next few weeks.. He did not say whether the team is leaning one way or another toward working with LaVar in terms of him staying.. Arrington is owed a 6.5 million dollar roster bonus this summer that can be avoided if he is released.. Arrington's cap hit as it stands would be over 12 million, they would save 6.5 by releasing him after June 1st but befor the bonus..

On the future at QB: Gibbs said he and Patrick Ramsey spoke, that neither had discussed hopes or intentions, that is another decision to be made in a few weeks, the team would save 1.5 million on their cap by releasing or trading Ramsey.. They would eat 1.2 million in bonus if he is traded or released.. He costs 2.882 million against the cap..
As for Jason Campbell, Gibbs said he wa sconfident Campbell could have played this year if he had to but he was better served sitting for the entire year.. he says now, "it's time for him to earn his money. He needs to play." Does that mean he might vie for the starting job? Million dollar question there..
QB Mark Brunnell's base salary jumps from 765 K to 4 million this year leaving an overall cap hit of 5.433 million, possibly a candidate to renegotiate..

On Wr's: Gibbs is happy with his compliment hoping the return of David Patten and James Thrash will solidify a unit that was hamstrung.. Gibbs said the team will assess the position as well with the hopes of upgrading..

On Sean Taylor: Gibbs said he spoke to the safety and that they are "both on the same page," in regard to Taylor working in Washington this offseaosn, which he did not do a year ago.. He said he and Taylor talked about the spitting incident and that he hopes and believes something like that will never happen again..

On Kicker/punter: Gibbs said he likes John hall and that Hall's leg issues might be a product of him working himself too hard in the offseason.. Derrick Frost was erratic, and it's an issue the team will discuss in the coming weeks...

Redskin free agents: LS Ethan Albright (made 705K in '05), LB Khary Campbell (made 455K in '05), S Ryan Clark (made 455k in "05), DE Demetric Evans (made 656K in '05), LB Warrick Holdman (made 540K in '05), DE Aki Jones, De Cedric Killings (made 540K in '05), H-back Brian Kozlowski (made 765K in '05), LB Nick McNeil (made 230K in '05), S Omar Stoutmire (made 665K in '05).. RB Rock Cartwright, TE Robert Royal was named during the presser as a free agent, but information suggests he is under contract for '06..
Restricted free agents: LB Chris Clemons (would likely make 385K in '06), and CB Ade Jimoh (would make 455K in '06)

If my math is correct and because we don't see all the details of contracts, as of right now, the Skins roster accounts for between 105-112 million dollars.. The cap in '05 was 85 million, that numbr is expected to go up, if it rose to 90 million, a likely ending number, that would put the Skins 15-20 million over.. It would likely mean the end for LaVar and Ramsey with other decisions to be made..

T Jon Jansen's base salary jumps from 545K to 4 million, he could be asked to renegotiate, CB Walt Harris carries a cap hit of 2.6 million, they would save 1.5 if they released him.. C Cory Raymer is in the final year of his deal, releasing him would save over 1 million on the cap.. T Chris Samuels redid his deal a year ago, still with a 6.432 salary cap bonus and a near 3 million dollar hit on top of that, he will cost the Skins over 10 million on their cap, possibly a renegotation candidate.. CB Shawn Springs has over 3 million in bonuses, thus his number is 5.55 million, his base salary jumps to near 5 mil by itself, likely a renegotiation candidate after next year unless there is an uncapped year.. K John Hall's contract calls for a base salary of 1.5 million, 900K more then last year, he costs 2.75 mil.. RB Clinton Portis will cost the team 5.476 million in 'o6, his base salary climbs by more then 3 million in '07, likely a renegotiation candidate after next season.. C Casey Rabach will cost over 3 million against the cap despite a low base salary..

Their list of own free agents are short and not costly with only Ryan Clark possibly receiving major interest around the league.. Resigning them should be of no major issue and losing these players may not be the end of the world either.. Either way, this team appears to be strapped in terms of attracting major free agents.. What appears all but certain is this: At least one major player (LaVar) will have to be released to make some room, possibly more then one, a coupel of renegotiations will have to take place.. But the bulk of this team is set, the bulk of them will return and the face of the personnell will change slightly only based on little money to shop with.. Hope you liked this team, they are primed to make one run before another round of decisions in '07 unless there is an uncapped year which would mean a free for all, until another cap and then the Skins would have to be stripped down.. This isn't cap hell, but they will have to certainly be creative to keep this team in tact.. Upgrading appears unlikely at major skill positions.. Depth along the O-line, WR, CB, and D-end are prioities, a punter may be possible, a cheaper alternative to kicker is possible too, but that one from the sounds of Gibbs voice appears unlikely..


Blogger KevR37 said...

It will be very intersting this off-season to see who the Skins keep and if laVar is cut if he will retire or go on an have an all-pro career elsewhere. That is what usually happens to players that the Skins let go, have all-pro careers..Looking very much to next year. Go SKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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