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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

January 11-- Portis being Portis

Clinton Portis was himself today saying he did not feel superstitious about not dressing up for the his weekly media session.. He said we can call him "Hot Stuff" showing off 2 letters he received from women who he claims asked him to not dress up so they could see his pretty face..
Portis says the weight he put on in the offseason is helping him now, he says he feels fresh now.. The shoulder injury he was dealing with in TB says happened when he took a shot in Friday's practice and it carryed over into the game.. he says he's been getting massages all week, taking it easy in practice and that he feels good heading into the Seattle game..

Gregg Williams said his defense is going to have to play a lot better then they did the first time against Seattle if they expect to beat the Seahawks this time.. he credited them as the best offensive team his guys played all year..

Jon Jansen was back at practice, as was guard Ray Brown, both missed on Tuesday.. WR James Thrash also participated with a brace on his surgically repaired thumb.. There have been no changes to the injury report in terms of status..

The Redskins are travelling to Seattle tomorrow, they will practice there in the afternoon on Friday..


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