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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April 2-- Checking In

Hi all--

Been a while, but such is the off-season especially one where the team literraly interviews one free agent and doesn't sign him..

I got Larry so good yesterday on the air.. For the last couple of weeks, I've been making a case to get Chad Johnson if and when the Bengals ultimately trade him.. Since the Super Bowl, 85 has been moaning about Cincy to anyone who will listen and I mean anyone..
The Skins need another WR, that much is clear so much so that Vinny Cerrato told us last week on air that we can expect one of the 4 high draft picks (!st, 2nd, 2 3rd rounders) to be used on the position.. More on that in a minute..
Anyway, I have been pushing hard for the Skins to be the Skins and make a bombshell move, give us a high draft pick, give Ocho Cinco his money and let him be a star here.. The west coast offense with Chad, Santana and ARE looks like a juggernaught to me..
Larry doesn't want Chad, thinks he might be a distraction in the locker room and has been openly suggesting that the team should not overpay for him..
So yesterday my producer Brian Corson and I cooked up a scheme to see how quickly Larry would flip flop on 85 if he thought he was actually coming to DC.. I had Corson call me and we pretended that he was a "source." I was talking vaguely about numbers, then left the room.. So the scene was set.. We come back from a break and I said on air we have some breaking news and then reveal to Larry that the Skins are in "deep trade talks with the Bengals where Washington would send their first round pick and thier original 3rd round pick (I loved throwing in original 3rd round pick for effect) for Chad Johnson and that Johnson would get a 7 year 62 million dollar deal with 18-20 guaranteed."
He took the bait suggesting how great an addition Johnson would be, how he wouldn't be a problem, the utter opposite of his position a week ago.. I kept reminding him how much he didn't want 85 and he kept defending the move as a good one for the Skins..
April Fools Larry!

As for WR, the Skins appear not to be too hot on Texas speedster Limas Sweed who many believe could be a target for them in the first or second round.. ESPN pitched the idea of CB Aqib Talib from Kansas, Vinny admitted he liked him very much.. I'd be surprised if the Skins went CB in the first round..
G Randy Thomas was on the show yesterday and said if he was making the pick, he'd take a O or D lineman even if it meant the Skins were drafting his eventual replacement saying this team needs youth on both lines.. Can't say I don't agree.. I like Randy, he's a straight shooter, that's something you will not hear very often, a guy suggesting the best move might be to find the person who will take your job..

Love the schedule with the opener on a Thursday night.. Sure playing at the NYG makes week one a big game with a hole to climb out of if you lose, but if they knock them off then get an extra 3 days to prepare for week 2, me likey..

The Skins got 3 compensatory picks in this year's draft for their free agent losses namely Derrick Dockery getting a supplemental 3rd rounder.. So the Skins have nine picks and what should be perceived now as their full allotment for the first time in six years.. The team does not have a fourth rounder (TJ Duckett deal) however do have 2 3rds now..

OK men


Blogger Jose said...

Dude, that was not cool what you said on Ocho Cinco. Man I was so hyped that the Skins were trying to get him. I started to jump up and down celebrating I even started to call some of the Skins fans that I know. But then you dropped a bomb with the APRIL FOOLS!! It sucks because you got Michael and me too. BASTARd!! LOL!!

11:33 AM  
Blogger -JMR said...

Wow. Sounds like Larry's a company man through and through.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Pile of Nonsense said...

This is why I can't listen to him on the radio anymore.

On an average year, I can listen to a sports radio host about 250 times (once per weekday), maybe 235 if he takes three weeks vacation, and maybe 180 if he's on Mike & Mike (those guys seem to miss a LOT of airtime). Say 235 average. About 20 of those days, if it's a daytime show (like you or Colin or even Riggo), we can expect Breaking News, which we will assume makes listening automatically worthwhile.

The other 215 hours I have to listen to Larry every year, all he is offering me is opinion and commentary. From Riggo, it's insightful, quirky, colorful reminiscing of an ex-player with TONS of personality -- great. Colin Cowherd offers often insightful, always provocative, sometimes ridiculous opinions about things that often are non-sports topics, but usually geared to my demographic -- great. Mike & Mike offer good commentary, great chemistry, and more than their share of news because they're the morning edition -- great.

Larry offers a lot of opinions, but doesn't mean most of them, and lies about the rest. That's not good radio. It is in fact BAD radio. And since he comes on to replace good radio at noon, cutting off the last hour of Cowherd, it adds up to an advertisement for XM Radio.

It's early and I'm just whining, sorry, but can you at least see why he annoys me?

3:28 AM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

If you tune Larry out then you are tuning me out too!
That's a no win for me!!

8:10 AM  
Blogger Andrew Hamm said...

Bram is worth suffering through Larry for.

7:19 AM  
Blogger Prolix Prone said...

And this is why Larry Michael is a company hack. The day Frank Herzog left and that guy took over was a sad day for Redskins fans. Sorry you have to deal with him, Bram.

4:28 PM  
Blogger PhatSkins said...

Of course Larry says the compnay line, you don't bite the hand that feeds you! This is why its important for the team to keep Bram where he is to give a counter view and keep the show grounded. I like Larry despite this because as a loyal Redskins fan its nice to have a party line from time to time and the proximity of the Larry and Bram to the team gives them gives them the ability to give us much better information about the team then we will get anywhere else. Keep up the good work and keep letting us kinow about the thigns the skins are up to, you do so much better at it than ESPN.

7:29 AM  

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