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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

February 12-- Bring on Ocho Cinco

First off some coaching news, John Palermo is the new defensive line coach.. Chris Meidt is the new offensive assistant coach.. Both are making NFL coaching debuts..
The team is expected to interview Sherman Smith today to be their offensive coordinator.. Earnest Byner could be out as Redskins running backs coach.. Nothing is official, but let me put it this way, at the Park today, it didn't appear as if Byner was staying on..

Now the off-season can finally get going as a coach is in place and it smells like a doozy.. Chad Johnson wants out of Cincinnati.. he wants to play for a more high profile franchise.. The good news is his agent is Drew Rosenhaus.. Rosenhaus and the Skins have done numerous deals in the past (Santana Moss, Clinton Portis, nearly Lance Briggs) and he is a favorite of owner Dan Snyder..
The bad news is Johnson's agent is Drew Rosenhaus. When Drew dangles some fresh shiny new free agent, Dan is apt to pay a steep price to make it happen, not only in guaranteed money, but in future considerations. Thus the Skins could be looking at forking over a first rounder if not more for a 30 year old receiver.

In this case though, Johnson's numbers have not taken a downturn, in fact his 90 catches this past season is about average for him over the last 5 (of course 90 being an exceptional number to be at on an annual level) and his 1400+ yards was among the best in football, also a typical average.. he has not scored less then 7 TD's in any season the last 6, another strong number..

Selfishly, I love talkers and nobody is a talker like Chad these days.. Sign me up for a weekly visit with him. And considering his flare for the dramatic, I'm all for letting Chad do his thing in a big market like DC.. Johnson likes the Skins (why not, they pay) and the Skins probably like him.. There's no better way to re-ignite the hopes following the Joe Gibbs retirement and tumultuous coaching search then adding a prime time player. Plus, Chad, Santana, Randle-El, Cooley and Portis (who despite a big cap number is very safe in this organization) make for one of the more feared groupings of skill position players in the league. Me like what me sees..

Now typically I'm a little more concerned about these types of off-season moves, but I believe another WR is necessitated even if maybe the prominence if this one is a little extreme. The price will be high which is the part of it I don't like. I've been on record that I'd like to see the Skins use a more traditional method of team building using the draft more and paying their own over the quick fix method of gunning after everyone else's players.. But in this case, I'm for it.. He'll get a big contract, but unlike B Lloyd, ARE and even Santana to a certain degree, his past warrants it (at least on the field). The future considerations is disconcerting to me, but this is the way the Skins do business, so on this one, I'm giving out a seal of approval.

Dan and Drew, enjoy your off-season of negotiations.. But please please please, save a few draft picks for spots we need to fill for young players we can groom..

OK men..


Blogger Veretax said...

I agree Bram, I hate to see us give up ANY picks in trades at this point, but our WR corp was BAD last year in many games. If just 1 Receiver cot 5 or more balls in a couple of games we could be a much better team. I think #85 will require a lot more then a 1st, maybe a 1st and Third (and they give us their 2nd, but i think one of these three guys would be good for our organization: Chad Johnson (Cin), Roy Williams (Det), Larry Fitzgerald (Az).

1:07 PM  
Blogger rwn said...

bram please email me my extremeskins name is rwn. What you read today was not all of what I wrote It was altered from the origional that I sumitted on the extremeskins site. finally my english is not that bad.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Ed Brooks said...

I am a big Ocho Cinco fan, but the Redskins would be well-advised to use the draft to build, instead of another short term, high profile fix that may not even pan out. They are way over the cap, and need help on the D line and, sadly, at safety. That brings me to my next point. Rosenhaus and Danno negotiated Sean Taylor's deal too. A better move for the Skins would be to go after DJ Hackett, who is younger and cheaper than Ocho. He is also a Seahawk, which means he is familiar with the offense Zorn r will be installing. I'm disappointed, but not surprised, to read that Byner is probably leaving. So much for continuity Snyder. Hopefully the "maroon and yellow" will succeed under Zorn, but I'm not sold with Snyder at the helm. Finally, please explain what triple X is going to do with your show.

2:50 PM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

rwn-- I don;t have an extremeskins account, (I know that may come as a surprise, our producer pulls the posts for us to read before the show).. Don;t worry about the reads on air, it's all in good fun.. And RWN is quite anonymous.. No harm meant buddy!

7:36 PM  
Blogger Lee Hernly said...

Going back to operating this team as a fantasy football team just like what they did in 2000 when they made those awful signings of Bruce Smith, Jeff George, and especially Deion Sanders will be as disasterous now as it was then.

Vinny pushed for extreme signings like these when he was in SF and look how badly he destroyed that team. To this day, they are still trying to get out from Dead Cap Space Hell.

This team needs to get in the habit of building through the draft, but that is scary too given how awful Vinny's scouting department has performed.

3:17 AM  
Blogger Daniel said...

Chad Johnson is a very talented receiver who will likely continue to perform at his current level for a number of years. That said, it is financially prohibitive for the Bengals to release/trade him unless he agrees to forfeit bonus money, LOTS of bonus money, a la LaVar. I don't see that happening this year.

Also, Ocho Cinco has never played in a West Coast Offense, to the best of my knowledge. He's shorter than the prototypical WCO flanker, and runs very undisciplined routes, both of which are BIG negatives for him moving into this offense. It is not a guarantee that he would enjoy success here.

I'm more interested in the possibility that the Bengals could accuse the Redskins of tampering by allowing their discussions of Johnson to be leaked to the media. Public and private discussions of players currently under contract is a league violation.

11:06 AM  

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