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Thursday, February 28, 2008

February 28-- This time, Skins will watch what happens during free agency

Expect the Skins to make few if any moves at all as free agency opens tonight at midnight..
Vinny Cerrato told us today on Redskins radio that we will all be shocked by the amount of money that will be given out to players who might not deserve the size of the deals, i.e. they are not in the bidding wars for the big names, Asante Samuel, Lance Briggs etc..

As for Briggs, who was a target last off-season, that ship appears to have sailed.. Briggs is expected to land a huge deal and as Cerrato put it, "I can't talk specifically about certain free agents but let me put it this way, we like our linebackers."

The team is looking for help along the offensive line, specifically an interior lineman, but Cerrato says that will likely be addressed through the draft.. The team is also vying for another receiver.. The Skins have reached out to free agent WR Reche Caldwell and told him they have interest in resigning him but are expecting him to test the market first..
The Skins have also been very public that they want to retain back-up QB Todd Collins, but the Rams are expected to make apush to bring him in with former coach Al Saunders, the Rams just released back-up Gus Frerotte.. Collins is looking at options to be a starter however and that wouldn't be a likely scenario with the Rams, so if it comes down to St. Louis and Washington, the Skins would retain a shot..

Cerrato was calling the money that will be put out there with numerous teams well under the cap "crazy." Ironic coming from the Redskins point of view that others will pay "crazy" money but the Skins have been at the forefront of large bonus/back-loaded deals, so this off-season, the bills have come due in terms of ability to be a major shopper.. That said, the team has been consistent in their belief that the pool of candidates is shallow..

Look for a WR (DJ Hackett, Jerry Porter) and a CB (Drayton Florence) as possible signings if the price is right.. Free agent RB/KR Rock Cartwright will test the market and see what he is worth..

QB Jason Campbell was on the air with us as well, he said his knee is 100% and that the new offense he will be running is very similar to the one he ran at Auburn his senior season.. Campbell said he did not need to hear Jim Zorn announce he is the starter because he has the inner drive to compete no matter the situation.. That said, he expressed excitement to work with the former quarterback and hopefully trend the way Matt Hasselbeck was able to in his time in Seattle..

OK men..


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