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Thursday, February 14, 2008

February 14-- Zorn on Redskins Radio

Jim Zorn joined Larry and myself for our first of hopefully many segments on Redskins Radio today, he said there is no news on the potential hiring of Sherman Smith as the offensive coordinator saying Smith is weighing his options with his family and hopefully something will happen soon..
Stump Mitchell is in as assistant head coach-Running backs, meaning Earnest Byner is out.. It doesn't appear as if a quarterbacks coach per se will be hired as this is Zorn's speciality..

Zorn said he started preparing his thoughts on being a head coach well before he knew he was going to become one saying basically he was prepared for the eventuality even if he didn't know himself that it was coming so soon.. He admits to not even being able to sleep for a couple of days after he was given the job but it is all sinking in now and he is focussed on rounding out the staff and heading to Indy next week for the annual scouting combine.. Zorn also won't be pulling Gibbs-esque all nighters, he said he can't function that way..

The Bengals say Chad Johnson is not available thus the trade talk can die, but the Skins know most everyone has their price.. Johnson's agent is Drew Rosenhaus and he and owner Dan Snyder have struck numerous deals so I'm fairly certain that even if Marvin Lewis continues to claim there is no deal to be had, should Chad continue to bad mouth Cincy, maybe push will come to shove..

Would the Skins take LaVar back? Probably not, but after seeing some ads for his restaurant in PG county, I started to wonder if Arrington is physically able to go, whether a reconciliation between he and the franchise would be worth pursuing.. The Skins can't be 100% certain that LB Rocky McIntosh will be a full go come training camp, so help in the LB corps will be something of issue in the draft and free agency, Lance Briggs aside of course..
Arrington was one of the speakers at Sean Taylor's funeral and had a mea culpa of sorts taking the opportunity within the context of the proceedings to suggest he may have taken for granted what he had in DC before the contractual fall out with the team.. If Arrington can play, a big if considering chronic knee issues before his motorcycle accident last fall, he indeed would be an interesting choice for a back-up LB/pass rush option.
LaVar still lives here, will always be associated a Redskin and in turn loved being a Redskin. Maybe a victory tour even if in a limited capacity would be best served for both he and the Skins moving forward.. In the end, you hate to see a beloved member leave with such a bad taste in everyone's mouth..
It's too late to have this type of relationship repair with Brian Mitchell, but I'm hoping one day the team could find a spot in the ring of fame for Mitchell, the best special teams performer in the team's history and potential Hall of Fame candidate.. Like LaVar, Brian left on bad terms.. I'd like to see some maturity in the franchise and welcome Brian back, admit a mistake in letting him go for Deion (this was Dan Snyder's first real run at free agency, so lets cut him some slack for making a mistake there) and allow Mitchell to become part of the Skins valued alum family.. Just a thought..

OK men..


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