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Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 13-- No Hackett Today

It appears as if DJ Hackett is going to find out what else is out there for him before signing with a team.. Hackett has rejected the initial offer the Skins have given to him..
The Seahawks receiver only played in 6 games a year ago dealing with a high ankle sprain but had a big game in the Seahawks playoff win over the Skins in January, 6 catches 100+ yards and a touchdown..

Carolina and Tampa Bay are said to be interested and Hackett is expected to visit with them before signing, so I suppose the Redskins aren't out of the picture but unless they increase their offer (a promise they have vowed not to do) then it appears the Skins will continue through the off-season having not signed any free agent rom any other team..

DT Ryan Boschetti was resigned by the team..

The mini-camp and OTA workouts which are closed to the public were released today.. There is a mini-camp in early May following the draft and some OTA dates in June prior to the early start of training camp..

Mark Brunell's playing career will continue in New Orleans where he was signed as the primary back-up to Drew Brees.. Brunell spent much of the past couple of months working out at Redskins Park hoping to stay with the team should Todd Collins leave (he didn't) or latching on to another (he has).
I really liked Brunell, a nice guy who could have done without the weekly media sessions while he was struggling as a Skins starter, but a class act nonetheless.. There was some thought that Brunell could return to jacksonville where ultimately his jersey will be retired, but there is belief from my sources that suggest the Jaguars were interested but didn't want to bring Brunell back because his presence could make starter David Garrard uncomfortable.. Either way, his days as a starter are over, but he remains a viable back-up.. I expect when he retires, he will return to Florida where he still owns a home and work in that community, potentially as someone who might run for public office..

OK men..


Blogger Alex Chilton said...

did the browns and the skins switch front offices while i wasn't looking or something???

7:01 PM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

No kidding

7:35 PM  

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