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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 12-- DJ hackett Update

Hey we have a brief Skins update today..

Vinny Cerrato was on Redskins Radio and said WR DJ Hackett would come in for dinner tonight and meetings tomorrow.. The team is hoping to get a deal done with the former Seattle WR in the near future.. He would essentially replace Brandon Lloyd as an outside WR with Antwaan Randle El moving into the slot in 3 WR sets.. In two WR sets, Randle-El would likely remain the starter opposite Santana Moss..

The team has no interest in resigning free agent linebacker Lemar Marshall..

Cerrato described the free agent market as one with “nothing left.” There was a small pool of impact players available, none of which the Redskins actively pursued and so the bulk of free agency went as this team expected, overpayment for the few players worth chasing and little to no major roster overhaul..

The Redskins do have offers out to free agent OL Jason Fabini and P Derrick Frost and are waiting to hear from them their plans.. Cerrato says he believes the offers out “are competitive.”

Lions WR Roy Williams is not “available” per se, but the Skins believe if someone were to overpay drastically, the Lions would listen.. The Skins don’t figure to be among those trying to pry him out of Detroit.. But Philly could be..

The team is hopeful to receive a compensatory 3rd round pick after losing Derrick Dockery to free agency last off-season.. Because Dockery was among the top 5 highest paid free agents last spring, the Skins will receive a compensatory pick, just how high has yet to be determined.. It was a be a boon should the Skins get a third rounder..

OK men..


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