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Friday, February 29, 2008

February 29-- Collins agrees to terms

Todd Collins has agreed to terms on a 3 year deal worth reportedly 9 million dollars.. The signing bonus is believed to be 3 million, so my guess, and this is a guess, would be that the final year of the deal has a large base salary making this more likely an effective two year deal with a low cap number for this season..

Collins posted a 100+ QB rating in 3 of the four regular season games he played in winning all four and helping the Skins back to the playoffs..

Jacksonville and St. Louis made strong pushes to get Collins to come there, but like in Washington, he would have been a primary back-up..
Collins returning likely signals the end of Mark Brunell's tenure here in DC..

OK men


Blogger Alex Chilton said...

Q. What makes Collins a better back up then Brunell? That's what I'm wondering - Collins comes in and has a handful of good games, loses in the playoffs (in which he was killed) and now all of a sudden we don't remember that we have a vetran starting QB in Brunell? Lets not forget that he was injured/rehabbing when he dropped on the depth charts and a lot of his play under Gibbs - I believe had a lot to do with Brunell executing (to the letter) Gibb's conservative slant on what's his name offense.
Collins v. Brunell - I take Brunell.


"We're being smart," Cerrato said. "We're not just going out there and throwing money around.

has He*! frozen over?!?

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Blogger Alex Chilton said...

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