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Thursday, January 10, 2008

January 10 -- Search begins with Titans Coordinator

The Redskins are meeting with or have met with Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, depends who you ask at this point.. NBC Sports is reporting that the interview "blew away" owner Dan Snyder.. I can't confirm that as the team isn't issuing comments in regard to their search..
This is an interesting beginning to the search as the Redskins have a defensive coordinator who used to coach under Jeff Fisher who the players have firmly endorsed as the man they would like to see get the head coaching psotion..
With neither Joe Gibbs nor Snyder publicly endorsing Gregg Williams it's starting f=to feel like Williams is certainly not at the top of the list of candidates, but more of a failsafe should the Skins fail to land the person they want.. That's a guess though, and certainly not meant as dissrespect to Gregg.. Just a gut feeling at this point..
It also opens the dor to the idea that Williams isn;t particularly interested in becoming a head coach again.. It's been a while since the subject came up, but in the past, Gregg has talked openly about enjoying being here as a coach and not having to deal with the many responsibilities that go along with being a head coach.. Williams has denied interview requests at this point so to know what he's thinking is impossible, but the possibility that he would prefer to remain an assistant could be plausible here..
Until the process ends and Gregg speaks, this one will remain an interesting conundrum..

Bill Cowher continues to publicly dismiss the notion of returning to coach next season and as far as I know at this point, the Redskins have not met with him in an attempt to change his mind..

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