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Monday, January 07, 2008

January 7-- Gibbs hedges on coaching future, talks to begin tonight with Dan Snyder

The Redskins players left as a team on Sunday following their final team meeting, none of them that I spoke to or had third party conversations with seemed to have any inclination that Joe Gibbs would not be back as the Redskins head coach for a 5th season since his return.. But yesterday, Gibbs would not give a definitive decision about his future saying he needed to begin "normal" off-season conversations with owner Dan Snyder about the course of the organization before making any definitve decisions..

Until yesterday, Gibbs had never backed off previous statements that he intended to coach for five years minimum, the length of his original deal when he signed to return to Washington.. Gibbs said he left on Sunday to attend a family function and returned Monday afternoon in the afternoon and had yet to have talks with Snyder..
Gibbs would not say whether he'd be open to returning as the team President and not the head coach and said that a decision on his future will have to be made in short time due to the status of his staff..
The organization according to his knowledge had not been notified of interest by other teams to interview members of his staff, yet..

Gibbs has called this the toughest season of his coaching career and detailed his joy in bouncing back from a 5-11 season to return to the playoffs for the second time in 3 years, but he called the end of the season a bitter dissapointment because "we felt like we could do it. We felt like we could have gone farther then that. We were capcapable of beating anybody."

Is this move a power play for an extension? Only Gibbs knows the answer to that.. Gibbs praised Snyder's "supportive nature" in spending any ammount of money on his staff and personnel, now it appears the two have some financial parameters to talk through should Gibbs be willing to resume his coaching career.. At this point, it's anyone's guess if Gibbs is serious about walking away or if he is just trying to secure his future with the team beyond this season to determine whether he thinks it's right for him to come back..

Here is the list of unrestricted free agents: QB Todd Collins, P Derrick Frost, LS Ethan Albright, DT Ryan Boschetti, QB Mark Brunnel, G Jason Fabini, LB Randall Godfrey, CB David Macklin, S Pierson Prioleau, C Mike Pucillo, WR Reche Caldwell, WR Keenan McCardell, RB Rock Cartwright (who can and is expected to opt out of his current deal), TE Brian Kozlowski, S Omar Stoutmire, and G Rick DeMulling..

Gibbs said he wants Collins back and that Collins joked with owner Dan Snyder that he still has "a lot of rubber left on the tires" having not played enough games to build wear and tear on his body.. Should Collins return, Gibbs would not dismiss the possibility of a QB competition next summer with Jason Campbell.. He would not call this Jason's job to lose and suggested that "it's good for the Redskins that we have two good ones." So we'll see if there is a market for Collins services outside of Washington after a very strong final month of the season where he replaced the injured Campbell..
Brunell will likely not be back with the team, but if Gibbs is back, it might be a possibility..

Among the other FA's: Cartwright is looking for a payday, exactly what that means is uncertain, he'll likely test the market unless the Skins give him what might be what he perceives as a market value deal for a kick returner/back-up RB.. I know the team wants him back though..
Caldwell will likely be pursued, McCardell is a question mark.. Frost will be an interesting decision after an up and down year.. Fabini filled in admirably at guard.. They loved Godfrey's play down the stretch.. Both are question marks.. Prioleau may have been ultimately supplanted by Reed Doughty, but the team has safety depth to deal with due to the passing of Sean Taylor so we'll see.. I would expect Pucillo to retire (back) or not be resigned.. Kozlowski, Stoutmire, DeMulling, Boschetti are all players I'm expecting not to return..
Albright has signed a couple of one year deals the past few seasons, he would likely be asked to do the same..

I believe K Shaun Suisham is a restricted free agent, but I need to check that out..
I will give you some more details about the cap situation with some vets later this week..

Off-season surgeris scheduled for the Skins: G/DT Lorenzo Alexander with have a right ankle scope, LB HB Blades will have a left knee scope due to a meniscus tear, S Vernon Fox will have a left knee scope, DT Cornelious Griffin will have a right knee scope, TE Todd Yoder will have a knee scope..

LB Rocky McIntosh had his ACL reconstructed last month after getting injured in the NYG game.. The training staff now believes he will be ready to play when next season begins.. He likely will not be healthy enough to practice during OTA's and mini-camps..

OK men..


Blogger Rob said...

I say it every time I leave a comment, but I just want to thank you for a great season of coverage. I thoroughly enjoy reading this blog (and the rap analysis an the other one, too).

Jason La Canfora seems to think that some people were taken aback by Gibbs' unwillingness to confirm Campbell's status as the starter. Were you surprised as well?

As far as our kicking situation is concerned, why are the Redskins (or any other NFL team for that matter) unwilling to bring in Mike Vanderjact? I thought he was the most accurate kicker in NFL history and now he can't even land a job? For a franchise like ours that seems to be fond of bringing in older veterans, he seems like a good move.

7:35 PM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

Vanderjagt became very unreliable, but I don't see the harm in bringing him in for a workout next summer..

I'm not surprised by the Campbell comments, Collins certainly played well.. But they have to sign him first and for now, we have to wait to see if Gibbs is ineed coming back..

8:51 PM  
Blogger Sam Chaya said...

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12:31 PM  

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