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Sunday, December 09, 2007

December 9-- Sunday storytime

QB Jason Campbell will be out likely through the rest of the season.. The good news is that he will not be undergoign surgery on his knee.. The diagnosis is a displaced kneecap, which is going to be painful and likely will result in him not playing again this season, but there is apparently little to no damage to the patella tendon and there is little to no ligament damage.. So, what could have been a devastating injury seems to be one that won't be long lasting, but it does mean Todd Collins will have to take this team to the playoffs..

By the sound of the callers to our shows since Thursday's game, there appears to be a growing contingent now to be referred to as the Insane Todd Collins Posse.

Those who know my work know I won't pull punches with the Skins and try to tell it like it is.. Thursday's game was inspiring though and I think worth praising this team for..
Check out these stories: RB Clinton Portis ate some fried shrimp "from PF Changs" in the parking lot before enterring the stadium.. He threw up four times obviously suffering from food poisoning.. He played anyway and had the big offensive play of the game, a 54 yard screen pass inside the Bears 5..

CB Fred Smoot suffered severe cramps and began throwing up blood.. The team carted him into the locker room where they hooked him up to IV's.. While watching the fourth quarter and seeing his team possibly blow another late lead, Smoot asked the trainers to go get him something, when they left the room, he ripped the IV's out of his arm and ran back out onto the field and told Gregg Williams he was playing..

CB Shawn Springs gathered his own equipment out of the back.. The equipment manager did not set up his pads or jersey pre-game because he wa snot expected to play with a back injury, but determined to test it in pre-game, Springs went out, said he felt good enough and got his own pads out and ended up with two interceptions..

QB Todd Collins had thrown 27 passes in ten years combined, he had 20 attempts the other night completing 15 and ending with a QB rating of 144, 9 points away from a perfect QB rating..

TE Chris Cooley suffered a bruised shin, went in for X-Rays, when they came back negative, he returned and finished the game..

T Chris Samuels told trainers he had a bruning pain in his foot and was uncertain whether he'd be able to go.. If he didn't play, the team would have had to move Stephon Heyer to right tackle, Jason Fabini to left and Lorenzo Alexander to guard becuase that's all they had left.. Samuels played anyway and pancaked two players on the Portis catch and run..

This team probably won't make the playoffs (in my opinion of course) but considering the immense adversity of the past couple of weeks, the injuries of the season and in particular Thursday night, and the public ridicule their head coach was receiving this past week, I'd like to take this Sunday off to say this team made me very proud of them.. That was a great great win under extreme pressure..

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Blogger Pile of Nonsense said...

Any update on Smoot yet? Throwing up blood usually indicates being pretty sick -- or ulcers or parasites or something else that might require time off.

12:47 PM  
Blogger Kicha said...

I know -- anymore word on Smoot? That doesn't sound good at all!

2:01 PM  
Blogger Ron said...

Like your article.. nice to hear a direct approach to a over commented team... agree completely

7:56 AM  

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