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Monday, December 03, 2007

December 3-- Team en route back from Taylor funeral

I stayed in DC to host our local coverage of Sean Taylor's funeral proceedings in Miami.. It was approximately a 3 hour service that featured eulogies from current teammate Clinton Portis and former Skin LaVar Arrington..
His collegiate roomate Buck Ortega told some humorous stories..

Joe Gibbs spoke for the team as well, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke for the league.. And Taylor's girlfriend's sister was weeping as she thanked Sean for showing her how to love someone and leaving her with the gift of her niece..

Arrington was particularly interesting calling Taylor his "guardian angel," and offering him some perspective on his life affording the opportunity to say to his former teammates, "something I should have said years ago, which is that I love you all."

Gibbs invoked God numerous times saying Sean remaisn in a better place and that the path to eternity lies within a relationship with Jesus Christ which Gibbs believed he had..

Reverend Jesse Jackson sat next to Taylor's father Pedro and spoke eloquently about the need to curb gun violence in America.. "We are slow learners. we are ina hole looking for a shovel and we need a rope. We are all the safety now. NFL players, you must stand between communities and help stop the violence."

Ortega shared stories of immense athletic prowess by Taylor.. He recalled a story where Taylor dove to the floor of a lake when spear fishing with him and Taylor's inability to need to get his equilibrium back, "that was the first time I thought this guy might not be fully human." Ortega said Taylor used to leap over defenders while they stood straight up.. Ortega said when he tried to do that, helmets would strike him in the chest..

Clinton Portis revelaed that Taylor was a very happy person, always smiling and always talking about topics that were off the wall..
Agent Drew Rosenhaus wrote a series of "Thank you's.." to Taylor..

The Honorable Otis Wallace, mayor of Florida City Florida spoke to the media saying some should be ashamed of themselves for perceiving that Taylor was a victim by circumstances he made.. "I hope the media learns a lesson in grace and humility." he then called the Redskins a class organization to which the assembled crowd gave them a standing ovation..

The Skins returned on a plane together after the ceremony which ended around 2:30PM and will have their lone practice day in preparation for the Bears tomorrow..

OK men..


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This has nothing to do with today's post, but I thought you and the other readers here might enjoy it: someone made a entry for you at Wikipedia. I would recommend that your fans should all go over and edit it, to include interesting facts like,

"In 2006, Bram cured cancer while waiting for Gregg Williams to show up for an interview."

"Bram once arm wrestled Chuck Norris, and afterwards kept Norris's arm as a souvenier."

"Bram can divide by zero."

As another option, I guess, you could go over and add useful information. At least you might want to fact check it, I think.

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Fabulous.. I'll check it out.. Feel free to make as many fabrications as necessary!

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