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Friday, December 07, 2007

December 6-- Campbell Hurt, Collins shines in Skins win

QB Jason Campbell suffered a dislocated patella (kneecap) and will be re-evaluated today when he undergoes an MRI.. Initial reports suggested there was no ligament/tendon damage (at least significant enough) to believe this will be a long recovery.. But more will be known today..

QB Todd Collins threw 20 passes and completed 15 ending with a 144 QB rating (perfect is 158.3) as the Skins ended their four game skid topping Chicago 24-16.. Collins was credited by teammates and coaches for his preparation which all attributed to his ability to play seamlessly.. Collins had not thrown a pass in a regular season game in 3 years and had combined to make 27 attempts in the past ten years combined.. Joe Gibbs called it the best performance off the bench by a back-up QB he’s ever been a part of..
The team was much more aggressive throwing on first downs in the fourth quarter with a 4 point lead.. Al Saunders said the play calling had little to do with what happened in recent weeks losing close games and failing to hold leads.. He did credit Collins for knowing his system so well that he felt comfortable putting Collins in the position to win the game instead of just trying to hang on..

Other injuries: G Randy Thomas returned for the first time since week 2 wearing a bulky arm brace to protect his repaired triceps, but he left in the first half with what the team was calling an elbow injury to the same arm.. He’ll be re-evaluated today..
T Todd Wade was inactive, no injury reported, rookie Stephon Heyer started in his place..

DE Phillip Daniels suffered a sprained knee in the 4th quarter, he will get an MRI today..
RB Clinton Portis played through an illness and suffered a hand injury as well..
TE Chris Cooley suffered a bruised shin but returned to play..

CB Fred Smoot left the field with severe cramping where he was vomiting blood.. Smoot was carted off and given fluids via IV, but Smoot took the IV’s out when the game got close in the 4th quarter and returned to the field.. Smoot is expected to be examined by a doctor to make sure there is nothing more serious wrong with him..

CB Shawn Springs showed up last night and his locker did not have his gear in it, a surefire sign that the team was going to deactivate him due to a back injury he suffered in the Bills game.. But Springs said Cornelious Griffin told him pre-game that they needed him and so Springs told coaches Gregg Williams and Jerry Gray that he was going to take part in pre-game warmups, afterward, he took some “Advil” and apprised the team he was planning on playing.. So Springs went into the training room and retrieved his own equipment (the team places pads and uniforms in the players lockers prior to their arrival for those who will be active).. he ended up with two interceptions, the first leading to the first score of the game late in the second quarter.. The team had a combined one pick in their previous six games…

Most of the players and coaches I spoke with said the energy level and emotional level was back on par with a typical game day.. Many said the win was in honor of Sean Taylor.. There was a major change in attitude after the funeral and through the short and not exactly thorough preparation, the team seemed to have put a lot of the ill feelings about the Taylor tragedy to rest..

There is a rumor out there that the Redskins as a team are being fined for wearing a black “21” patch on their jersey, similar to the one worn by all teams on their helmets.. The league is strict about it’s uniform rules.. This one in my opinion, if true, is way to strict..

Two men ran onto the field of play last night and had to be apprehended by security.. The second was as the game ended in the end zone near the players tunnel, he put up little fight.. The first guy though was strong as an ox.. This dude ran onto the field and bumped into one of the Bears players.. It took 8 security officials to get him off the field and even though they were carrying him by all fours, the man was consistently able to free himself.. If I wasn’t overly worried about mental instability, I’d say this dude needs to get a workout by the team..

The team will be off until Tuesday..

More on Campbell later today..

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