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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

December 12-- Here's what happened yesterday

Sorry to pass this along so late, numerous appearances yesterday kept me from typing!! So here is some stuff to utilize with the sound gathered from the unusual Tuesday open locker room..

The team returned from a long weekend appearing refreshed, they did not practice yesterday, only did some treatment and film work.. Practice for the Giants rematch begins this afternoon..

I ran into Jason Campbell who called Todd Collins a “weird dude” (affectionately).. Collins, he joked (at least I think he was joking) he said takes copious notes during every meeting which one day may become a book.. Insert joke here for possible titles..
Campbell praised Collins for being someone who always makes the long meetings lighter and easier to get through.. He also echoed all the coaching sentiments saying Collins is as prepared as any back-up you would ever meet..
So Todd Collins makes his first start in 10 years this Sunday in New York..
The team inked Jason Fife, a former Saints practice squader to their practice squad as their 3rd QB.. Fife is not on the active roster which means he is currently ineligible to play on Sunday, but if the team decides to place Campbell on IR due to his knee injury, Fife could take his spot on the roster..
Campbell has a sprained MCL along with the dislocated kneecap and this week is just focusing on getting the swelling out of the region.. He likely will not play again this year unless the Skins are in the playoffs, and even that remains an if.. Right now, there is no pressure on the team make a season decision on Campbell, but if Collins or Mark Brunnel were to get hurt, that may have to change.. As of now, I’d guess, and this is a guess, the team would have only two active quarterbacks on their roster this weekend making Antwaan Randle-El the emergency 3rd quarterback..

Mike Sellers was asked about the Giants now receiving some game tape on Collins and joked that all the old video of Collins was produced before he was born.. As for the Giants and their potential game planning of Collins now that he is coming off a stellar performance against Chicago, “one half isn’t enough to get a good look at what he likes to do.”

A number of players said they are quite aware of the team’s playoff scenarios and are aware of what tiebreakers then have and what games they are in need of watching.. Pierson Prioleau said he couldn’t tear himself away form the television this past weekend watching the games.. Asked about whether the Skins should be rooting for the Cardinals or Saints this weekend when they meet, Prioleau paused, and said “I think the Cards. Right? Man there are so many different ways this could go.”

Casey Rabach said the first Giants loss was one that stayed with the team for a while and of course became the first in a trend of blown second half leads.. London Fletcher was asked about thinking back to the first meeting and he decided to have selective memory, “That was so long ago. We’ve played so many games since, it’s hard to remember.”

OK men..


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