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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

August 28-- Portis, Samuels back at practice, Campbell ready

QB Jason Campbell did take part in nearly all of practice, taking approximately 25 snaps and is expected to start Thursday night in Jacksonville.. Campbell didn’t proclaim himself 100% but says that his knee felt good with the work on the field..

G Pete Kendall is expected to start at LG Thursday night in place of Mike Pucillo.. Kendall has had one practice since being acquired by the team, he said he has spent time in the meeting rooms asking “hundreds of redundant questions.” What is apparent is the Todd Wade experiment at LG appears over, Wade will likely be moved back to a back-up role as a tackle..
T Chris Samuels will not play in Jacksonville although he returned to practice for the first time since spraining his knee in the first week of camp.. Samuels said his conditioning is nowhere near where he wants to be but he is hopeful to be part of the full practices starting next week leading into the season opener against Miami..

RB Clinton Portis had pads on and took part in some plays during team drills for the first time since being sidelined dealing with knee tendonitis.. Portis joked that he wants the coaches to only deem him 98% healthy (poking fun at the Joe Gibbs rule that only players at 100% play) when he gets evaluated for Thursday pre-season finale.. Gibbs did not say whether Portis would play against the Jaguars, Portis meantime in a moment of shear honesty said that “the world forgot about me a year ago. I need to produce this year or I probably will be somewhere else.” I doubt Portis would be released unless there was a major injury issue, however he realizes this is a big season as far as defining his career.. He states he wants to be considered an MVP type player..
Portis’s birthday is on Saturday, asked what his teammates are getting him, Portis said “these are the worst teammates in the world. I never got anything from Santana accept what I won in a card game we weren’t supposed to be playing when we were freshmen. Sean Taylor never gave me anything. Rocky nothing. I even lobbied to bring those guys here.” It was tongue in cheek..

Joe Gibbs and Gregg Williams said they released DT Joe Salave’a because they wanted to give him an opportunity to get on another team as early as possible.. The team has been agonizing over this decision for a couple of months.. Williams said Salave’a’s speed was the main issue regarding the decision to release him.. A number of his Redskin teammates were surprised by the move.. I spoke with Kedric Golston today but I didn’t hear a word he said, he spits when he talks and I got sprayed..

Williams said DE Chris Wilson is exhibiting some of the speed former LB Chris Clemons had and thus he is getting a good look at stealing a roster spot as a 3rd down rush end.. Wilson will be getting first dibs with Marcus Washington out due to his dislocated elbow (although Washington was in pads at practice).. Washington is not close to returning full time to the field, Joe Gibbs described the situation as “we’ll see what happens over the next 12 days.”

The welcome home luncheon is tomorrow.. Then we are off to Jacksonville..

OK men..


Blogger The Mayor said...

Some fans want to compare CP to LT regarding not playing in the preseason games. Hogwash, I say. Portis is hurt enough not to practice and that is not a good thing.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Covering The Redskins said...

Agreed.. LT practices every day, it's a big difference..
We'll see September 9th

12:41 AM  

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