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Monday, October 09, 2006

October 9-- Hall injures groin, new kicker coming

Kicker John Hall suffered a strained groin and strained thigh that the team deems “serious.” Kickers will be brought in this week in the likelihood that someone will have to replace Hall for this weekend’s game with the Titans.. Hall was feeling “fatigue” on Saturday which led the team to let Derrick Frost handle the kick offs in the Giants game.. The injury then began to “spread” from his thigh to his groin according to Joe Gibbs..

Other injuries: DE Phillip Daniels had an MRI on his shoulder after suffering a stinger in the Giants game.. It came back negative so he is expected to be ready for the Titans game.. DT Cornleious Griffin suffered a hip flexor strain and quad strain but is expected to be ready for the Titans game.. DT Joe Salave’a suffered a second calf strain, this time in his left leg, the other leg that kept him out of the previous two games.. The injury is considered as serious as the last one leaving him questionable for the Titans game.. LB Marcus Washington is being treated for a sore hip but is expected to be OK.. G Randy Thomas made it through the Giants game “well” according to trainers, he will continue to get treatment on his sore hamstring but is expected to be ready for the Titans game.. CB Shawn Springs is expected to return to practice on Wednesday but will only do limited drills.. The team is hopeful he will be back on the field “sooner rather then later,” whatever that means..

Asked if Springs absence has had an adverse effect on the big plays against the Redskins defense, Joe Gibbs said no saying “you have to play with injuries in the league. We miss Shawn, and it will be a lift when we get him back, but don’t put the blame on that.” Asked last week if he was limited at all minus Springs in terms of blitz packages due to the revamped secondary, Gregg Williams succinctly said “NO.”

Gibbs says the focus of his team for the near future is to find a way to win two games before the break.. He did his usual pumping up of the Titans citing their close call at Indy on Sunday and even went so far as to say that they “will onside kick the ball four times in a row.” I’m not sure that is true, but I am certainly going to ask Jeff Fisher about it on the conference call on Wednesday.. Because that might be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard in my entire life..

Asked about the 4th and 1 call against the Giants, Joe Gibbs said that was his call to make.. he says that the way the play calling works is Al Saunders calls the game, but in situations where a decision to go or kick comes, he speaks with Al directly and ultimately he makes the final decision..

Asked about Brandon Lloyd’s limited production, 6 catches for 75 yards in 5 games, Gibbs said he expects when the offense starts working properly again as a whole that Lloyd’s touches will increase as well..

On TJ Duckett: Gibbs said that he is expecting Duckett to get some playing time when the opportunity arises.. He said Duckett has done everything the team has asked, “it’s nothing he’s not doing. It’s us.” In fairness, Rock Cartwright has become the team’s #1 KO returner, Ladell Betts is the primary back-up to Clinton Portis and Portis is the clear #1 back.. He is becoming slowly and slowly the most expensive rent a player in recent memory..
Portis got a bruise on his shoulder which forced him out early of the Giants game, but he is said to be fine..


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