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Monday, September 25, 2006

September 25-- Brunell has a stitched up elbow

QB Mark Brunell suffered a laceration on his throwing elbow.. The team had some concern over the propensity for an infection, but they feel the stitches he received will keep it in check.. This is a similar injury that forced Brunell out of action in his final season in Jacksonville.. Brunell is day to day as to whether he will practice later this week..
As for Brunell's performance, Joe Gibbs said he was very proud of how he handled the week of adversity leading into the Houston game and succintly said, "there isn't anything else we can stay about his accuracy."
This is the first game for Brunell against his ex-team, the Jaguars.. Joe Gibbs said he doesn't believe this will be a particualrly emotional moment for his quarterback saying Brunell felt at the time of his signing that it "was time to move on."

DT Joe Salave's said he is hopeful to return to practice on Wednesday, he missed the Texans game with a calf injury..

CB Shawn Springs remains day to day with a groin injury.. Joe Gibbs said he will see if Springs can return to practcie this week and if not, "his odds of playing against jacksonville goes down dramatically."

G Randy Thomas injured his ankle during the Texans game, but according to Gibbs, refused to come out of the game sending the replacement guard back to the sideline.. The injury is not considered serious but a chronic ankle issue.. There is a sist on the top of his foot that can be nagging..

Gibbs talked about the Portis effect on the offense saying that you watch plays and you see guys do certain things and you think, anyone can do that stuff, "but the reality is only a few can."

Gibbs is very concerned about the peanlties.. The Redskins are currently the most penalized team in the league with 30 calls against them in 3 games.. He said he and the coaches have met to discuss the issue asking all of his assistants to talk about anything they had used in terms of finding a way to communicate the need to cut down.. Gibbs said that Dale Lindsay told Gibbs to show all the penalties to the team, not to embarass them but to show the effect it has on the team when a penalty extends or ruins a drive..
Twice the Skins had two holding calls on the same play.. The offense had 8 penalty calls.. Washington has had 5 personal fouls called against them in 3 games.,.

Gibbs credited punter Derrick Frost calling his performance as "outstanding."


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