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Thursday, September 28, 2006

September 28th-- Portis Talk about Leadership and a near death experience

QB Mark Brunell missed his second day of practice, but did do some throwing after practice and is dealing with a sore elbow.. He remains probable to play and is expected to take part in some portions of the Friday practice.. Brunell had three loose stitches placed in his elbow and thus far there has been no signs of infection which was the initial concern with the injury..

Shawn Springs will not play this weekend still dealing with a strained groin.. he is being called “week to week” by Trainer Bubba Tyer.. He was examined by a specialist in Philadelphia yesterday..

DT Joe Salave’a is doing “fine” and is expected to be ready for the Jaguars game…

When asked if missing Springs has limited the blitz schemes Gregg Williams employs, the defensive coordinator succinctly said, “No.” On injuries as a whole, Williams said “no one wants to hear about injuries, this is professional football, whoever we put out there is going to play physical.”
Williams emphasized how much respect he has for Fred Taylor who he believes if healthy is one of the top backs in the league..

Clinton Portis met the media minus a costume again and it appears as if the dress up show might be a thing of the past.. He said a woman named Erin used to bring costumes for him to wear which helped proliferate the costume show weekly..
He says his shoulder feels fine and that he believes the injury is behind him.. Portis contends he was not rushed back too quickly for Minnesota, that it was a new injury that forced him out of the Dallas game..
Asked about his effect on the offense, he said that Ladell Betts has a lot of talent, but it is his energy and his demeanor that makes a difference.. He believes, as do I, when he is on the field he helps the Skins motivationally.. Randy Thomas said the huddle belongs to Mark Brunell but the sideline is where Portis gets up in people’s faces..
Portis said he was fined in Dallas for coming out of the box on the sideline to congratulate Rock Cartwright on his KO return for a touchdown.. This was while he was discussing the 15 yard penalty he took in Houston for taunting.. He said all he said to the defender was “I told you, you didn’t want to see me.”
Portis was involved in a single car accident when he was 19 years old in Florida.. He was thrown from the car and believes now that he doesn’t take life too seriously because “when you come that close to death, it changes everything.” Portis says he is loose about everything but when he is on the field he wants to win..
Asked about how he became a leader, he credited a number of veteran Broncos, Shannon Sharpe, Ed Mccaffrey, Al Wilson for teaching him how to be a pro.. He also says he has become a patient and better running back then his Denver days.. Asked if he belives he should be considered one of the best backs of all time let alone in the league right now, he said “that is for the media to decide.” He lists Barry Sanders, Marshall Faulk and Edgerrin James as the backs of recent success that he looks up to and considers among the best ever..

TE Chris Cooley cut off his long locks saying he was just tired of it.. He said he felt like he just came back from being out in the woods for a month..

Mark Brunell joined me for a one on one interview that will air during the pre-game show this weekend, he addresses whether he has been treated fairly by the Washington media, what leaving Jacksonville was like and the record setting day in Houston last week.. Portis also is an interview for the pre-game show where he goes into detail about his near death experience..


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