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Friday, October 06, 2006

October 6-- LaVar stole the playbook

Joe Gibbs took the high road in response to the LaVar Arrington comments in regard to Gibbs having been able to do more to keep him in DC.. Asked about Arrington’s assertion that he took a Skins playbook and gave it to the Giants, Gibbs played it down saying so much changes from year to year that even if the Skins had another team’s playbook, they wouldn’t be able to decifer much information..

Renaldo Wynn disagreed saying that if he had another team’s playbook, that would be like “having the answers before taking the test.” Wynn also tried to play down Arrington’s comments..

Phillip Daniels said that the team was “kidding” with Arrington about not knowing the defense (even though Dale Lindsay was definitely not kidding) but did admit he thought it was pretty bush league to take a playbook and give it to another team.. Daniels says he plays the game “honestly” and wouldn’t give a playbook to anyone else..
He also reiterated how much the players liked LaVar and openly discussed the business side of the league.. Players come and go..


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