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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

September 27-- Fond memories for Brunell and Leftwich

QB Mark Brunell was held out of practice on Wednesday due to his stitched up elbow.. Joe Gibbs described it as precautionary but said it was not determined whether Brunell would practice Thursday or not.. He is listed as probable..

CB Shawn Springs is doubtful for the Jaguars game.. He went to Philadelphia to visit with Dr. William Meyers to assess his groin injury..

DT Joe Salave’a returned to practice despite a calf injury and is listed as probable..

Brunell’s first game against his former team was a major topic of conversation today.. Brunell said it’s been a long time and it likely would have more emotional meaning if he were to actually be playing the game in Jacksonville.. Brunell has a foundation in Florida, still has a house there and described the city as the place he and his family will “finish up.” Renaldo Wynn gushed about Brunell’s legacy in Jacksonville, how many fans still love him for all the community work he does.. Jack Del Rio said that when Brunell and the team decided it was time to part ways he told the quarterback he hopes that one day he’ll come back to the team and retire his number 8.. Brunell was told of this comment and responded by saying, “Hopefully that won’t happen for a long time.”

His counterpart Byron Leftwich went to HD Woodson High and grew up in SE DC.. He admitted he used to sneak into games at RFK by running by a certain ticket collector who told him if you run, “I can’t chase you.” Leftwich said he never thought he’d be an NGFL quarterback as a kid when he and his friends would play streetball games after the Redskins game.. Once he got to Marshall and saw the success of Chad Pennington, he started to believe it might happen for him too.. Leftwich said he and his family would cry when the Redskins lost games when he was a kid, but now allegiances are changed, “because they have to be.” Asked if he’ll cry if the Redskins lose this week, he said, “Ooh no..”
Leftwich said he has purchased 95 tickets for friends and family for this weekend’s game and commented, “Skins tickets are not cheap!”

Terrell Owens attempted suicide story made the rounds at Redskins Park as well.. Brunell was the first to be extremely cautious about commenting because he spoke to us before Bill Parcells or Terrell Owens spoke.. Joe Gibbs did not want to comment specifically about the situation saying he knows nothing about it, but he did talk openly about dealing with difficult off field situations such as these.. The Redskins had one in camp when rookie O-lineman Kili Lefotu suffered a seizure at the team’s housing facility.. Gibbs called the event “eye opening,” and “nerve racking.” He said all you do is just be concerned that things like this happen, “You don’t know how many times the phones have rung and the person on the other line said ‘You are not going to believe this’ and I say ‘Yes I will.”
Gibbs said the team has been dealing with a number of personal issues throughout this season.. S Sean Taylor left the team last Friday to be at the funeral for an aunt. He made it to Houston on Saturday to be with the team that night.. S Reed Doughty’s wife gave birth to a premature baby in camp, he missed the final pre-season game because of it, but now it appears the situation has stabilized. The family is with him here and Gibbs is helping Doughty find help through Dan Snyder’s connections at Children’s Hospital.. Snyder is on the Board of Directors with the hospital..

The Redskins have turned in the hit on Mark Brunell that was penalized negating a fumble return for a touchdown in the Houston game.. He called that play a learning experience for his team which happens to be the most penalized team in the league through 3 games.. On how to find a way to stop the penalties, Gibbs stole a line from John Riggins when the two were on together for the Joe Gibbs show saying “Outside of the firing line, we haven’t come up with anything yet.”

Carlos Rogers believes the long windmill windup of Byron Leftwich might be an advantage for the corners because it gives them an extra second to realize Left wich has committed to throwing the football in their direction.. The ball does come out quickly though!

Jaguars injury list: DE Marcellus Wiley (groin) doubtful, RB Derrick Wimbush (knee) doubtful, CB Rashean Mathis (knee) questionable, G Chris Naeole (knee) questionable, DT Marcus Stroud (ankle) questionable, All those players missed a portion of the Jags practice Wednesday… S Donovan Darius (back) probable, WR Matt Jones (groin) probable, WR Chad Owens (ribs) probable, DE Paul Spicer (groin) probable


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