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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

October 4th-- Skins Fire Shots at LaVar

Let the LaVar bashing begin, LB coach Dale Lindsay spoke to a throng of reporters, a rarity indeed and when asked about LaVar and whether he could help the Giants tip off what the Skins D might do, Lindsay said, "Lavar didn't know the defense when he was here." He then backed off saying "I shouldn;'t have said that, but..." and proceeded to go on about how he is going to tell it like it is and has no problem telling the truth about the former Skins LB..
CB Shawn Springs said the exact same thing calling out LaVar's preparation.. All the other players talked openly that this game will mean something for him, with some going so far as to say his intensity would lead one to believe he might try to "knock someone out."
Arrington did not take part in the weekly media conference call declining to take part.. Former Skins LB Antonio Pierce fielded questions admitting he "was too hyped up to play the Skins" a year ago and that the game still means something for him but that a year removed it's becoming more and more just another game.. As for Arrington though, he said he is not trying to be the superstar he was in Washington, taking a more "fit in" philosophy.. He said Arrington looks healthier now after dealing with knee issues throughout camp and predicted this will be a break-out game for him as a Giant..
he also said that Arrington is reinvigorated by the change of scenary but added a backhanded commnent without realizing it by saying that this was "the first offseason I saw LaVar work out with his teammates."

Springs did not practice on Wednesday and is listed as doubtful for the Giants game.. During his media session he asked, "How many players do you know that have come back during the year from a sports hernia?" That was the first time I had heard those terms used and it opens the door for questioning whether the corner will be healthy at all this season..

G Randy Thomas (hamstring), DT Joe Salave'a (calf) and DT Cornelious Griffin (hip) were all at practice but all were limited in practice and are listed as probable.. LB Marcus Washington was given a rest day at practice but is not listed on the injury report.. G Derrick Dockery suffered a family loss and was excused from practice to attend a funeral..

Arrington is on the NYG injury list as probable with his lingering knee issues.. He missed a portion of the Giants Wednesday practice.. S James Butler is also probable (knee).. LB Carlos Emmons (pectoral), WR Sinorice Moss (quad) and RB Derrick Ward (foot) are all out for Sunday's game.. Moss is Santana's little brother..

Santana Moss was named the NFC offensive player of the week after his 3 TD performance against JAX.. Moss said that he is able to remain humbel no matter what he does on the field because he always had to fight to show his coaches growing up what he was able to do and that he always remained patient in waiting his turn to prove his talents.. Mark Brunell called Moss a real professional for his ability to play down big games.. He also in turn talked about his own ability to try to stay humble in the glow of big games.. Of course Brunell knows the ciritcism of his play is always waiting to return when things don't go so well..

Practice squad guard Ike Ndwkue was signed by the Baltimore Ravens to their active roster.. His spot on the practice squad was taken by former Maryland O-lineman CJ Brooks.. Practice squad DT Vaka Manpuna was placed on the the practice squad injured list with a calf injury.. His spot was given to rookie DT Lorenzo Alexander..

G Randy Thomas said he never would have though coming off his leg injury that hamstring problems could ensue.. But he is dealing with it now.. The initial injury appeared to have happened in the 4th quarter of the Houston game and it flared in the Jafuars game.. But he said playing hurt is part of the game..

Thomas was among those who were open about having to prove something in NY after last year's 36-0 loss.. Thomas said "You never forget a beating like that." Joe Gibbs had never before been shut out in a regular season game and it was only the second time in his coaching career his team had suffered a shutout.. The other time was also in the Meadowlands, a 17-0 NFC championship game defeat to the Giants..
Gibbs said the game still sticks with him saying "often times you forget some of your wins, but you never forget games like that." he said he doesn't blame his team's play on the emotions of the day, it was the week after Giants owner Wellington Mara died, saying "That had nothing to do with the way WE played."

The company that supplies some of the team's shows stopped making a black version of the cleat Jon Jansen wears, so one of the equipment personnel members was seen spray painting some white shoes Black so that Jansen can conform and wear what his teammates have so that he won't be fined..

On End zone celebrations, one of which was penalized against Washington last Sunday, Joe Gibbs said he told one of the refs to "give me a break" on the reasoning behind the call.. When the seocnd player came and posed, he said the refs deemed that a choreographed celebration, illegal in the rule books.. Gibbs said he'd rather know what a player "can do because there is so much you can't do." Gibbs is not against celebrations, he believes that it can be part of the game but he agrees too much is too much.. In this case he doesn't believe the penalty was warranted..

The Redskins were interested in Kurt Warner back in 2004 when the team was looking for a veteran quarterback to compete with Patrick Ramsey but he said a lot of teams were interested in him and that he didn't think the Skins would be able to get him because of the competition for his services..


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