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Thursday, October 05, 2006

October 5-- Portis Dresses Up

RB Clinton Portis wore a costume for the first time this season dressed as Napoleon Dynamite.. He told us when he first started talking that his name was “Dynamite” but then later in the locker room told another reporter that he was going by “Dolemite Jenkins” Portis was wearing a “Vote For Santana” short saying that Santana “offers you his protection.” A line stolen from the movie.. He was drumming up support for teams to vote for the receiver as player of the anything..
Asked about what message he has for NY, he said “They can support Santana too.” He said he was looking for SE Jerome, the first character he donned last year before the team went to NY who he says died in NY and the crime remains unsolved.. Asked about the Giants, he said they can take me to the dance, asked if Lavar would take him to the dance, Portis responded, “Lavar is not a woman.”

The injury report remains the same from yesterday except TE Todd Yoder was added with an ankle injury, he is probable.. Randy Thomas and Shawn Springs both sat out portions of the team practice, Thomas is probable, Springs is doubtful..

Gregg Williams blamed his team’s tackling for the breakdowns on the two 3rd down plays that were TD’s during the JAX game.. he said the team played very physical but the coverage breakdowns were the culprit in the long TD plays..


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