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Friday, September 22, 2006

September 22-- Salave'a is a game time decision

Springs: The hope is he will be able to return to practice next week.. Gibbs described the injury as something that can become commonplace whne you have the type of abdominal surgery he had.. Apparently, blood can roll down the leg internally as the surgically repaired muscles heal and what can happen whn a person then goes full bore after is what Joe Gibbs called a “pop.” The new strain however is not considered serious..

Joe Salave’a: Did light work in individual drills but did not take part in the team portion of practice.. He is a game time decision for the Houston game with a calf injury.. he remains officially listed as questionable..

When Joe Gibbs was asked about whether his team is playing tight right now or if they are ready he responded by saying he has no idea.. He also went on to say that going on the road is tough “especially in a place like Houston.” He was serious..


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