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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

September 20-- Springs has a new groin injury

CB Shawn Springs returned to practice, but early in individual drills, he suffered a mild groin strain to his right leg.. The injury is not related to the surgically repaired abdominal muscle, but it is in the same leg and about 5 inches below the area affected.. Trainers say the team’s hope this week was to have Springs make it through practice with the possibility of him playing a few plays at Houston.. This obviously clouds his availability.. Springs is officially listed as questionable and will be re-evaluated tomorrow..
RB Clinton Portis went through his first full practice since injuring his shoulder in the first pre-season game.. He was described as having a good day and appears like he’ll be ready for the Texans.. He is listed as probable.. Joe Gibbs said if the week works out well with no setbacks he would expect Portis to start..

DT Joe Salave’a (calf) is questionable, he was held out of practice.. WR Santana Moss will be listed as probable.. he took the day off for rest, the team is just calling it precautionary..

Mark Brunell brushed off criticism of his play by admitting that he needs to play better but says the entire offense needs to get better as well.. Joe Gibbs talked about the decision making behind pulling a quarterback and how difficult it is to make that type of decision especially if it is a veteran QB.. Gibbs essentially reiterated that Brunell’s job is no currently in jeopardy saying a move like that would not be best for the team right now and there are things about what’s happening in practice that “people don’t see.”
Santana Moss once again stood up for Brunell calling the QB a winner, “That’s my dude.”
The run game remains a missing piece of the offense as Al Saunders reiterated what numerous players have said in recent days, that teams are playing a deep umbrella against them forcing pass plays to stay in and the run game is necessitated to force the teams out of this.. If this was basketball, essentially teams are running a 2-3 zone and the Skins can’t shoot out of it because they can’t force the D to collapse..

There was a good amount of tempered confidence in the locker room today, the team obviously was facing a plethora of sky is falling type questions, but in general handled the situation pretty well.. Joe Bugel put it well saying that “If we were shocked to be 0-2 then we better get over it now.” Adam Archuletta said, “It’s time to stop talking about it and do something about it.”

Ooh yeah, Joe Gibbs tried his best to pump up the Texans as much as possible, calling them the best special teams unit they will have faced along with many more superlatives for a team that is 2 and 16 in it’s last 18.. A number of the players openly admitted they better not take the Texans lightly..

Texans injury report: CB Demarcus Faggins (foot), out. CB Phillip Buchanon (ankle) questionable, C Mike Flanigan (foot) questionable, DE Antwan Peek (groin) questionable, LB Morlon Greenwood (ankle) probable..


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