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Thursday, September 14, 2006

September 14-- "You Will either be the foot or the ass"

RB Clinton Portis was held out of practice again today.. he says he did not suffer a setback after the Minnesota game but is dealing with soreness after his first dose of soreness on his sore shoulder.. he said the Vikings took no cheap shots on him and that expects to play on Sunday night.. As for starting, he said he believes that if he is used in a back-up role again that this may be a logical way to look at it with the other backs taking all the reps during the week.. He remains listed as questionable..

CB Shawn Springs ruled himself out of the Dallas game, he officially is doubtful, but did not practice again.. The trainers say he is working very well on weights and agility drills but they do not know when he will be ready to return to the practice field…

TE Christian Fauria rolled his ankle in practice yesterday and was held out today.. Trainers say they expect him to be OK for the game Sunday night.. They say the calf injury he suffered against Minnesota is longer an issue..

Practice squad FB Manuel White had his knee scoped for a meniscus injury in his knee.. He was placed on the practice squad injured list and his practice squad roster spot was given to recently released FB Nehemiah Broughton..

Carlos Rogers said he watched the Minn game and is hoping to have a better performance then that hoping “to make my name” as he faces T.O. and the Cowboys.. Shawn Springs was asked what kind of advice he has for Rogers and said that if he were Carlos, he’d be sick and tired of hearing about Owens saying you have to have the mindset that you are going to dominate anyone, no matter who that player may be.. Asked if he thought Rogers is thinking he’ll dominate T.O. Springs said, “two things are going to happen, you are either going to be the foot or the ass.”

Gregg Williams said the team has addressed the week 2 win in Dallas last year from the perspective of never having a letdown.. He said his team had no issue sprinting onto the field after the Skins scored the first TD late that made it 13-7 at Texas Stadium, but it was only possible because the defense continued to play hard even when it looked like the offense would end up doing nothing..
Williams talked about the feel of the game for him and when to use his elaborate blitz schemes.. Drew Bledsoe praised Williams saying you never know when he “is going to throw a fastball” at you.. Williams said “I’m not a person who likes to go to Vegas and spend my money that way.. You want to watch me gamble, watch the Redskins play on third down.” He called it a feel thing as to when to “dial up a fastball.”

Santana Moss said he felt no difference in how he was covered with the addition of Lloyd and Randle-El after the first week.. His role in the offense has changed little, he said all the movement and shifting may be something that is new for many of the receivers, but for him it is not, that he was being shifted around a lot last year.. He said last year as the injuries mounted it became clear he was going to be receiving double coverage, but this year he hopes this won’t be the case, but nothing against the Vikings gave him a hint of how teams are going to try to defend him..


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