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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September 13-- Remembering the Miracle Win

Santana Moss spoke openly about the week 2 game against Dallas last year saying mainly he wants everyone to get over it, mainly because he said he doesn’t like to dwell on anything whether it would be a great moment or a bad season.. He did talk about the community reaction to the game saying fans approached him at gas stations and sent him burgundy and gold roses at the Park (the roses came form a man which Moss thought was, well, you know) and that he realized at that moment what that game and this rivalry means to the team..
I have a one on one interview with Moss that will air on the Pre-Game show this week that expounds more on the topic..

More on the week two miracle win of a season ago: Renaldo Wynn and Jon Jansen both believed that that game turned this matchup into a rivalry again.. Joe Gibbs called it a miracle finish but preferred not to relive it but to move on calling it in the past.. Cowboys QB Drew Bledsoe said he got home that night and had received e-mails and phone calls congratulating him on the win only to receive calls the next day from those people apologizing for obviously not staying up to see the end of the game..
Bill Parcells said it was just one many games the Cowboys lost to strange circumstances, but said it didn’t derail his team’s season, that they like the Skins could have been 10-6 to end the season as well had they not lost their season finale..

Injuries: CB Shawn Springs did not practice (abdominal) doubtful, RB Clinton Portis did not take part in team drills and took only limited work in practice.. He is listed as questionable (shoulder), TE Christian Fauria practiced, he is probable (lower leg), DE Renaldo Wynn practiced as well, he also is probable (ankle)
The Cowboys only list one player on their injury report: WR Jamaica Rector (ankle) questionable..

Parcells called these matchups with Gibbs and other great coaches “precious. Unlike the past I know we won’t be doing this forever any more.” Gibbs praised Parcells as well saying he is ingrained as part of his memories of the NFL, even if the results haven’t gone Gibbs way very much (Parcells leads personal series 15-10).. Gibbs did tell the Cowboys media during the conference call that when told Parcells is taking his career on a year to year basis, that he’d be willing to put some money into Parcells retirement fund..

John Hall clarified that he was ready for the kick that was a would be game tying 3 points against Minnesota.. He said he was concerned with the time left on the field and not the downs.. He admitted that he is very disappointed and glad to continue to have the opportunity to remain the kicker and hopes to be more reliable in the future..

Jon Jansen said he has not been contacted by the NFL yet in regard to the comments he made on HBO stating that he believes 15-20 of NFl players use human growth hormone.. he said he looks forward to any conversation that may come of it, but right now he is just focusing on the Cowboys..

Secondary coach Jerry Gray said Carlos Rogers will have to learn from his mistakes in regard to the big pass plays he gave up to the Vikings.. Rogers said he jumped a route he shouldn’t have and that he is putting it behind him and moving on.. He said he looks forward to a matchup with Terrell Owens because it’s “an opportunity to make a name for yourself.”
The D-linemen talked openly about the necessity to get pressure on Drew Bledsoe to help the secondary and potentially force mistakes.. Bledsoe was sacked 7 times by the Skins D in the Redskins win over Dallas last December, he was intercepted three times in Jacksonville last week..

The Redskins placed safety Pierson Prioleau on IR due to impending knee surgery.. They signed training camp cut Curry Burns to take his roster spot..


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