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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

More suitors for Ramsey

Saying "We are not going to just give him away, we would have just kept him," A Redskins source told me the Skins are continuing to shop Patrick Ramsey.. The latest teams to express interest are the Buccaneers and Bengals.. Ramsey is expected to visit TB soon.. Miami has an interest after cutting Gus Frerotte according to the cource and of course the Jets remain in the mix who are hoping to land Matt Schuab in a deal for John Abraham from the Falcons..

The Redskins describe their interest in Abraham as "not serious," that they wanted Andre Carter first and foremost, once he was signed, the Redskins recused themselves form tarde talks involving the Jets franchise player..

The Redskins are "done" making big signings this offseason, however, the team will still work toward adding depth, a G/C, DT and CB.. The team remains interested in resigning free agent DE Demetric Evans.. Joe Gibbs says the team is focussed on finding a replacement at LB too.. Lemar Marshall could play either middle on Lavar Arrington's weak side position..

A source tells me the talks with the Bengals are serious between Arrington and that team and that him ending up there is a "very real possibility."

Joe Gibbs says the team is comfortable with their punter and kicker.. John hall however may not end up performing kickoffs this year, that duty could be passed on to P Derrick Frost..

Gibbs described the Redskins front office as in a "panic mode" when Carter left to vsiit Denver, constantly text messaging him and his agent.. Carter went to Denver for "personal reasons." His dad Ruben played 12 seasons for the Broncos, he also was a short term assistant coach here.. Carter said he knew after meeting with the Broncos that he preferred to be here and knew he was risking losing the deal with Washington so he made his mind up quickly..

Carter was an outside LB in the 49ers 3-4 scheme, he said he would have welcomed a return to SF if the team wanted him to be a DE.. He says he prefers the position although he is willing to be versatile.. The Skins plan on using him as a DE, Renaldo Wynn likely will be used more on the interior particularly during passing downs to allow Carter and Phillip Daniels to man the end positions..

The Redskins prefer free agency over the draft, never more exemplified then Gibbs saying after today's press conference: "You don't want to panic heading into the draft feelng like you have to draft for a particular position.. We'll be relaxed heading into the draft."

On how the Skins became cap strapped to major free agent players: One source simply said it was all about the CBA being extended.. Some of the restructures from veteran players were processed to aalleviate the cap issue, but the cource tells me not all of them were necessary..
Joe Gibbs said: " We don't do one thing that no one else could do. They CHOOSE not to. Some say why not spend on the guys on your team. We do that, but then again, look at the guys who are on our team. When things are layed out over a 3-4 year spreadsheet, you see the breakdowns in front of you.. What happens is, other teams choose to operate differently, but that is their option. There is a misrepresentation that Dan Snyder just has a lot of money so he spends it. If there were no cap rules, he'd spend more."

Gibbs said he has spoken to both David Patten and James Thrash about the new receivers and explained to them that he believes the core is better off with the additions and that both are expected to continue to contribute. As for Taylor Jacobs, there appears to be no belief he will be released immediately.. Gibbs called it a "very competitive" situation that he is in now..


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