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Friday, March 10, 2006

Skins Makes Cut to get Under Cap

S Matt Bowen, DT Brandon Noble, P Tom Tupa, CB Walt Harris and C Cory Raymer were all cap cuts made by the Washington Redskins today.. The savings are nearly 7 million on their cap.. With the restructured deal/release of LaVar Arrington and the restructured deal of Mark Brunnell, the Skins are at the very least now, some 3 million udner the cap of 102 million..
9 other veterans had agreed to restructure, how many of those were put into effect thanks to the extension of the collective bargaining agreement is unknown, what is certain is the Skins do have room to spend when free agency begins tonight...

The team also announced the resigning of running back Rock Cartwright, terms were not disclosed.. Also, the team tendered contracts to restricted free agents, LB Chris Clemons, G Derrick Dockery and CB Ade Jimoh.. Their rights are now retained and if any of them are to sign with another team, the Redskins would be due compensation varying dependent on which player gets a deal.. The Redskins plan on keeping all 3..
The team is also going to attempt to reisng their own restricted free agents, S Ryan Clark, TE Robert Royal and DE Demetric Evans..

The NY Post syas a deal for Patrick Ramsey with the jets is close, Washington would receive a 5th rounder in next month's draft and a conditional pick in the 2007 draft that could be as high as a 3rd rounder if Ramsey meets playing time criteria with New York..


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